5 Steps to Aesthetically Transform your Bathroom with Tiles


It is exciting and entertaining to renovate and create a great bathroom. Bathrooms no longer are spaces with a commode, a sink, and a showerhead. As we are heading ahead at warp speed with everything around us evolving, Ideas and designs involving bathrooms is also way ahead of us. There are so many things that we do in our bathroom apart from the essential activities. A bathroom should also be aesthetically appealing, and those of you who are thinking about getting all kinds of work done to upgrade it, are not wrong. From windows to the bathroom area, towels, tap there, sink, shower curtains, aroma candles, toiletries, and faucets.

 Do you know what the game-changer is in terms of a bathroom renovation? Tiles. The tile layout is definitely the most significant part of bathroom renovation. Planning and implementing the right from the beginning can help you with everything from niche locations to framing changes to lighting locations. Careful planning and even more careful execution is what is required when it comes to bathroom renovation.

These chores cannot be carried out without the help of an experienced handyman service. They are aware of all the metrics, local codes, industry guidelines, and city permits. Renovating your bathroom is not rocket science, but you should be open to a lot of experimental work with designs, styles, and trends. The following ideas should be considered for a beautiful transformation of your bathroom-

  • Decor and Essence

Whether it is remodeling, renovation, designing, or setting up a new bathroom as a whole, you must always visualize and take some time out to think about how you want your bathroom to look like. It is crucial that you consider the trends, styles, and decor catalogs. However, you must always believe in your instincts and design your bathroom the way you want it to look; there will be a handyman to guide you throughout the bathroom remodeling process. You must also not forget the style of your house. There should be a reflection of your home decor in your bathroom. 

  • Color

Gone are the days when bathrooms had classic colors, timeless fixtures, and basic designs. Bathroom tiles are no longer the same, and there is pink, raspberry, mint, tangerine, and blue-gray, etc. that are changing the designs and colors of the by-gone eras.

Picking the right color for your bathroom is definitely confusing and tricky. There are a thousand colored tiles that can possibly be laid out in your bathroom. You might like them all, but you’ll have to choose a few hues to add to your space. It all seems challenging in the beginning, but if you have a design on your mind, you will be able to differentiate between your favorites, and disliked shades. Even when you pick the shade and visit the store to finalize the tiles, there will be numerous contrasts of the same shade of your choice. Although it all depends on your taste, keep two things in mind; first, lighter shades would make your bathroom seem bigger in the area, and darker ones can make the space look cozy and smaller.

  • Material

Selecting the right material for your tile is just as important as any other aspect of bathroom renovation. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles in the bathroom. If you want a more refined material for your bathroom tiles, then porcelain tiles are the ones for you. However, they are slightly expensive. Of course, there are endless possibilities with both the tiles, but porcelain tiles are worth their quality and a lot more durable than ceramic tiles.

 Natural stone tiles and composite stone tiles are currently in trend according to architectural digests. They make the bathroom space seem more aesthetic and exquisite. Both tiles are great; Composite stone tiles are for more textures and buttons; they’re also scratch, chip, and stain resistant; promising long warranty. On the other hand, elegance and authenticity are guaranteed with the natural textures and curves of natural stone tiles. All in all, whichever material you use for your bathroom tiles, make sure you run a soak-test done before finalizing them.

  • Budgeting

Unless you do not have much savings in your bank account reserved primarily for the renovations, it is a fun and exciting experience. All you have to ensure is that you do not exceed your budget, and stick to your expenditure limits. You must know what is essential and what mere splurge on accessories is. Tiles make an excellent investment; other elements are basic add-ons that can be incorporated with time. You can witness a complete transformation of your bathroom, with a tasteful selection of tiles alone.

  • Cleaning

Let’s get right down to the basics. Of course, there is an idea of a beautiful bathroom that you are planning to have, but it is also about maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom in the end. Unless you have OCD, nobody likes to clean the bathrooms or homes every day. You have to design your home and other spaces in such a manner that the maintenance takes less effort, time, and money. The same goes for your bathroom.

 If you don’t want to invest a lot of time cleaning, we suggest you go for glass panels or large slabs in the bathroom. However, if you clean your bathroom regularly, then feel free to opt for mosaic-type tiles. In case you clean when you see dirt or debris in your bathroom, then go for geometrical, light-colored tiles as it will be easier for you to spot the grout and dirt as it is imperative to clean them regularly. 

Consulting an experienced handyman service definitely should be one of the first things on your mind when it comes to renovation. There are so many things linked to tile layouts. There is ductwork, electrical lines, plumbing lines, heating lines, water lines, cooling lines, low-voltage wiring, measurements surrounding windows, doors, cabinets, and shelves, custom framing, etc. Along with that, handyman services offer you professional advice on issues concerning any of the steps mentioned above and more.

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