Bathroom Remodeling Services in New York, NY

Making a dull bathroom appear fresh and brighter (and spacious) needs some intelligent remodeling. It’s not just about the kind of sanitary fixtures, cabinets and lights you choose, but also how you plan to arrange them in the bathroom.

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With constricting apartment spaces in New York, city dwellers are remodeling their small bathrooms to make them look bigger. At Hays NYC, our bathroom remodeling experts are adept at utilizing small spaces to create highly functional bathrooms.

They utilize every aspect of the bathroom to make it user-friendly and here are a few of those ideas:

Build-In-Wall Shelving

Build-in-shelving concept makes bathrooms appear much more attractive and saves lots of space. While in shower you won’t need to worry about banging against the shelves designed to protrude outwards.

Accent Tiles

Accent tiles can increase the impact of the interiors of a bathroom. Also, the tiles cost much less than the regular sheets. You can use a dozen tiles with special sporadic designs having colorful borders to produce unique pattern on walls.

You choose the tiles, and our experts will lay them artfully in your bathrooms with finesse.

Curved Shower Rod

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You can save much space in your bathroom with curved shower rod.The rods are slightly expensive but more beautiful. They are sturdier and are not easily pulled down. The rod is attached to walls with screws, so not difficult to install even.

We are a reputed bathroom remodeling service provider in NYC and will make bathrooms look their best and more useful than before.

Powerful Lamps

Bathroom is generally the most sidelined area in comparison to the rest of house when it comes to lighting. People usually install low powered or outdated electrical fixtures in the area. But, to make your bathroom appear brighter and lively, consider employing better illumination. It can make your shower much more happening especially at night.

If anytime during the remodeling process you feel out of your comfort zone, you must call a bathroom remodeling service providers in NYC. At Hays NYC, we’ll remodel bathrooms to your taste and make sure they are functional and user-friendly.

For getting a quote call us today at 212-222-2770 or fill out the no-obligation form available on your website. For queries, you can write to us.