Latest Interior Designing Trends in Ney York

With rapidly changing interest of building contractors and homeowners in New York, interior designing styles too have changed remarkably. All new interior decorating trends have been introduced keeping in mind the best interest of those who’ll spend years living in the home.

While many of these latest trends are heavily inspired by some archaic styles, it’s equally true that they’ve been made distinct by giving a slight touch of innovation and modernity together.

If you too are looking to incorporate such changes in your house to make it look trendy, our handyman experts at HAYS NYC are prepared to take up all kinds of interior designing tasks for you.

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Some of the latest home designing trends in New York and our corresponding service include:

New York Interior Painting Service

What we see as the latest trends in painting today are neutral colors. They share an amazing chemistry with contrasting furniture and are one of the best combinations for your huge, spacious rooms!

Our professional interior painters will assist paint your homes in the latest colors to make them look spacious, comfortable, well lit and appealing.

Ready to assemble furniture – Furniture Assembly service

beautiful interior design nyc

Ready to assemble furniture is not only trendy, but also more convenient to use. And whether you are shifting into your new home or bought a new set of furniture to be assembled, call us for help.

Secured assembly of furniture is important to keep it lasting for long. You may want to try a hand at fixing up the furniture yourself, but if at any step things go out of hand, don’t hesitate to call our furniture assembly experts.

Art installation

Changing times have also changed the kind of art we display at our homes, and if there’s something new you’ve bought, call us to install it.

We take care of all your art work, one that’s heavy, expensive, delicate or fragile. Our experts have the right tools to fix it up on your walls, without damaging your precious art work.

In addition to this, is there is any cleaning to do or any repair work that has been pending for long, you can call us anytime of the day. Our handymen are on duty 24 x 7.

Our contact number is 212-222-2770.