Impressive Play 3d Ceilings Designs from HAYS NYC

Want your walls and ceilings to be dressed fashionably? Be it decorating or renovating, stretched ceilings is the answer to high class interiors within a stipulated budget.

The spectrum of design possibilities with stretch ceilings is huge. Experts at HAYS NYC are known for seamlessly integrating 3d ceiling surfaces with acoustic designs enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your ceilings.

Whether you’re getting a new construction or renovation, residential or commercial, our stretch ceiling systems in NYC are sure to please your sense of aesthetics, technology and comfort of cold & dry fittings

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Add Style to Your Ceilings

Experts at HAYS NYC strive hard give form to your imagination.

We have unlimited design varieties to choose from and offer liberty with:

  1. Exciting surfaces with 3D ceiling systems in NYC
  2. Color and gloss contrasts
  3. Accentuated interaction of colors and light
  4. Customized themes and designs
  5. Ideal combinations with acoustic ceilings in terms of designs and lights


What Sets Us Apart from Others?

We vouch for 100% customer satisfaction and we make sure you get it.

We are known for:

  1. Quality
  2. We truly believe you should get what you deserve and that is one main reason we are here to offer you are superior quality service 24/7.

  3. Style and Design
  4. We know you are unique and therefore we’ve come up with customized 3d ceiling designs only for you. You can now add any personalized image or your favorite art work on your ceilings – defining your style statement!

  5. Affordable

Renovating or redecorating a house can be a burden – get rid of all your worries with our services. When you wish to get the most trendy ceiling without crossing your budget – count on our services!


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