Choosing Professional Handyman Services in Hell’s Kitchen for Extra Help

At HAYS NYC, we consider all sorts of handyman projects equally important. This is why we make sure to send across our best team of professionally qualified handymen for an inspection of your properties!

Whether it is minor repair, or a big renovation project, we always come up with the right solution devised by our expert team of handymen.

Every time we receive a call from you, work at our end is initiated at the earliest. Since we work all the 24 hours of the day, you can call us anytime at 212-222-2770 and still manage to find help.

Quality Services with Handyman at Your Service in Hell’s Kitchen

HAYS NYC is a one-stop solution to all your concerns about repairs, renovation or maintenance related to commercial or residential properties.

We provide all sorts of services in professional carpentry, repairs or installation of electrical wirings and equipments, assembling and installation of wooden furniture, cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms.

We also provide painting services for both interiors and exteriors.

Why prefer HAYS Hell’s Kitchen over Others

We are a well established name in the Handyman industry and widely known for our superlative services.  We offer specialist handyman services in and around Hell’s Kitchen that provide the best services related to maintenance, repairs, restorations and renovations.

It is only with us that you get:

  • 24X7 handyman services
  • Flexible work timings that suit you
  • Affordable prices

Same inspection and Free Quote

While most handyman companies might bluff you by charging an extra amount for inspection, HAYS does not.  We offer same day inspection for no extra cost.

Quotes are free, only if you think match your pockets, will we resume work with your consent.

Residents of Hell’s Kitchen can contact HAYS at:

Feel free to call us any time of the day or night – our number is 212-222-2770.cialis 5 mg