New York Kitchen Remodeling Service

Cabinet doors are the most visible part of any kitchen thus making it important to chart out their design carefully. There is a cabinet door style available for every kind of kitchen. But you must only choose the one that suits your home style and budget the most.

At HAYS-NYC, we execute dozens of kitchen remodeling projects each month. Call us at 212-222-2770 today if you’d like to discuss how you can upgrade an old kitchen or some parts of it.

Kitchen Remodeling nyc

Listed below is a selection of Kitchen Remodeling projects in NYC we can undertake:

Shaker Style Cabinetry

It is one of the most commonly seen cabinet door styles. This attractive five piece flat panel style derives its name from the distinctive Shaker style furniture.

The cabinetry style is the most simple among all existing in the market and décor varies from contemporary to traditional – as you wish for.

We’ve experienced craftsmen who can create shaker style cabinetry from scratch or upgrade your existing kitchen cabinets.

Flat Style Cabinetry

Interior designers use the flat style cabinetry to lend kitchens a contemporary appeal. Besides the cost involved is less. Our craftsmen are adept in making these simple cabinets look artistic.

Bead Board Style Cabinetry

Get your kitchen to look like those in cottages with bead board style cabinets. From traditional to contemporary design, our craftsmen will design them to your taste.

Thermo foil Style Cabinetry

Wrapped in plastic sheet, the doors are moulded in medium density fireboard and baked later in heat top attain a strong texture. The doors come in various designs and color range.

Kitchen Renovation nyc

Inset Style Cabinetry

Probably the most expensive kitchen cabinet available in NYC currently, the design gets its name for the reason door is set inside cabinet frame. The workmanship involved in manufacturing of the doors is top class and hence, costly.

And, the above is only a glimpse of what we have in store for you. We help you ideate kitchens and translate your ideas into reality. Your kitchen will be designed in mind their functionality as well as beauty.

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