Furniture Repair Services in New York

Proper maintenance of furniture in your house or office is probably one of the most cumbersome jobs. It’s best to hire services of a handyman for the purpose, whose services will not just ensure longevity of your furniture, but also save you time and hassle of repairing.

Furniture assembly nycAt HAYS-NYC, we have a team of professionally trained furniture experts, who can fix, mend, and repair every kind of furniture, be it wooden furniture, IKEA furniture, or other contemporary forms of furniture.

We are well equipped with all kinds of repair equipment and expertise to repair furniture at homes, offices or any other commercial and residential settings. We carry special repair equipment, among which the following we feel is most essential.

High Quality Paintbrushes and polishes

An important part of furniture repair is good polishing that makes it look like new for longer. Our handymen bring to your homes brushes of the best quality to paint broken angles of wooden piece. Apart from this no repair goes complete without giving it finishing touches with the aid of good quality polish and brushes.

Rubber Footed Mallet

We as a furniture assembly service provider in NYC  are committed to keep your furniture in the best of shape. No matter what points of the furniture we have to reach, we use footed mallets that enter even small spaces. We have footed mallets of different thickness and diameters to let them be used for different parts of the furniture.

Plastic Gloves

Fading furniture will need a good polish cover. But these polishes have certain solvents in them that can easily enter into the skin pores and cause harm. To avoid it, it’s better to let experts to do it for you.

Our polishers wear special gloves before they start with repair and make sure that children, elder people and pregnant women are not present in the same room.drawers repair nyc

In case you want to get all repairs done faster and more effectively, hire HAYS-NYC furniture repair service providers in NYC. Hays-NYC is a name that won’t disappoint you.

For getting a quote call us today at 212-222-2770 or fill out the no-obligation form available on your website. For queries, you can write to us.