How to manage home services with Handyman in COVID-19 Pandemic


Many repairs just can’t be kept on hold. An unresolved electrical failure may trigger a fire. A leaking water pipe in one room could trigger hundreds of dollars in water damage to the whole building. In these circumstances, it is essential to hire a qualified expert, preferably before a crisis gets severe. However, with the spread of COVID-19, one must be extra careful when making appointments with the contractors.

Take a look at the following tips to keep in mind while getting a service done at your home or you can just call on +1 646-875-5050 or visit Hays-NYC

To home services with Handyman in COVID-19 Pandemic follow these steps:

Ask for a contact-less payment method

One report revealed that corona virus could stay on particular surfaces for hours and sometimes even days. In order to prevent interaction with possibly contaminated materials, inquire in advance if the paperwork and sign-off can be carried out without sharing paperwork or writing tools.

Inquire about the safety measures.

You should ask the person over the phone itself, whatever the company’s policy is for its staff members to do as they reach the home to retain a 6-foot gap.  For better precautions, you could request the service person to contact you before entering your house, so that you are prepared for his or her arrival

Plan ahead of the servicing

Organize how you’re going to lead the service guy to your house and let him keep his personal belongings and tools. you ‘re going to need to make sure that he’s not heading to the other rooms or doing anything in your house needlessly so that his own belongings contact the least amount of surfaces

Make preparations for the work area

Experts Advise the pre-cleaning of the space where the contractor would be working, using a cleaner that is proven to kill bacteria and viruses. This safeguards the person providing the service in case the virus is in your house, even though you are unaware of it.

You should also set out floor protection

recycled paper or cardboard, or a reusable sheet on which the worker should move and place his equipment. After that, you should disinfect everything under there. There is no concrete evidence that the infection is transmitted by moving on the ground or the fabric, but that kind of protection may restrict exposure

Get the hand wash and sanitizers handy

During, and after the work gets complete, you must ask them to clean their hands with soap and water to the service worker.For everyone’ssafety, sakes make sure they disinfect their tools with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Please make sure you clean and sanitize the washbasin after the service worker has cleaned his hands.  

Stay 6 feet apart

The 6-foot guideline and hand-cleaning incorporate the foundation of all proper COVID-19 sanitation, states the CDC. Social distancing is the key to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Keep your hands clean

If you have something to pass on to the person, use non-permeable, waterproof nitrile gloves or paper tissue to protect the object as you move it. Clean your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds .you If you need to sign anything, use your stylus or pens

Last but not least, tip with consideration

If you want to credit the contractor this way, put the cash in a sealed bag and place it on the table for him to pick it up. You can also request the name of the contractor to write positive feedback on social networking sites or follow-up feedback on  the company’s website.

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