These DIY steps will help you create a beautiful habitat for a toad in your garden.

Toads are a welcome addition to your garden as they eat a wide variety of pesky pests. A single toad can consume thousands of bugs a year, thereby eliminating the need to use harmful pesticides across the garden.

Toads are hard to spot until they hop out of the way. They find their prey around the plants. Toads are likely to be active in the evening as their skin is dried out in heat and sun, although they can be spotted during the day. However, they seek out a cool and shady spot where they can preserve their precious moisture. Why not build a cool, dry place for them in the comfort of your garden?

Adding a garden toad house to your garden not only invites these insect-eating organisms but also offers a fun activity for the kids.

A toad house provides them shelter as well as protection from the weather and predators as well.And it is simple to create the one. Here’s how…

What Do You Need?

Anything can be used to create a toad house. You can use terra cotta flower pots for building shelter for toads. You can enhance the look of a pot by decking it up with stones, moss, shells, sequins, and glitter.

Materials You Require:

  • A Hot Glue gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Sandpaper or a metal file

 How to Make a DIY Toad House

  • First of all, chip out a doorway or entrance in the rim of the flowerpot. Be careful as terra-cotta is not that durable.
  • You can file the shape of the doorway using sandpaper.
  • Enhance the entryway by gluing a bit of rope or other decorative pieces along the arch.
  • For variety, glue some pieces of colored glass, shells and colorful trinkets. Start it from the doorway to working around the flowerpot.
  • Once the glue dries, place your toad house in a shady and cool area. Make sure to cover it with bushes and other leafy plants to protect them from predators like birds, snakes and pets.
  • The rim should be buried in the soil to mount the pot properly.
  • Painting the words “Toad House” on the pot.
  • Place a handful of leaves inside the pot. The leaves serve as bedding material.
  • Make sure to have a sufficient water source near your toad house. If you don’t have a small pond, a saucer of water can help. Check the container every day to make sure it has some water in it.
  • Keep a toad house away from the areas frequently visited by your pets.
  • You can add a toad light (soft light) to the garden to attract insects. Make sure to hang the light 0.6 above the ground near the entrance to the toad house to attract insects.
  • Water the garden every day as toad likes a moist habitat. However, the area shouldn’t be overly wet.

So these are some easy steps to build an attractive toad habitat in your garden. Coffee cans or other metal containers can also be used for toad houses, but make sure to file off sharp edges first.

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