Where to Use Concrete Flooring: 4 Areas to Use This Flooring Material In


Would you believe if we say that concrete flooring can look equally elegant and enhance the aesthetic feel of your home? Although when it comes to concrete floors, the first thing that comes to your mind are industrial areas, where it is the most used. However, designers and contractors are using concrete slabs for patios, garages, and other utility areas. In this day and age, concrete flooring is deemed a viable material for home interiors and design. There are so many creative ideas that surround concrete flooring for interior design. It can be etched, stained, and polished according to the style and décor of the house. You are highly mistaken if you believe there are zero decorative and designing concrete flooring purposes for home interiors. Concrete floor coating is no longer the dull, utilitarian, and industrial flooring material.

Concrete flooring work

Today the only thing that is age-old about concrete flooring is its strength and durability. Now it comes with diverse design options and ideas that can last for eternity, or at least till your house tears down.  If you are having your house renovated, redesigned, remodeled, or built from scratch, do not underestimate the durable strength of concrete flooring. They might be everything you are looking for.

Broaden your creative space and make way for experimentation and consider concrete slabs for the interior flooring and not just for your garage or basement. Concrete flooring is the perfect amalgamation of design and functionality. This is why they are rapidly becoming every designer’s pet favorite flooring option.

  1. Living Room
    Concrete flooring is often looked down upon due to its cold and extremely hard surface. This is why many homeowners do not go for concrete. It is mostly the last option. Despite its multi-purpose functionality and highly durable nature, homeowners tend to consider it the least of all the flooring material. However, concrete flooring is everything your living room needs right now. Concrete floors act more beneficial and advantageous for your living room.
    You see, most living rooms are constructed on the ground floor. This implies concrete subfloors that become feasible for hardwood, ceramic tiles, and other materials to be anchored. Rather than having these materials replaced and covered, get the concrete polished and have it as the primary flooring material for your living room.
    Having the original concrete flooring surface as the final flooring of your living room can act as a cost-effective and convenient option for you. How?Firstly, there is no massive expenditure on the purchase and installation of flooring materials. Secondly, there are a plethora of design options to complement the décor and aesthetics of your living room.
  2. Kitchen
    Now that we have convinced you to get your living room radically transformed through concrete flooring, let’s move on to another essential space of your home— the kitchen.  Times are tough, and you must go for a flooring material that is not prone to germs and grime. Concretes are much easier to clean, highly resistant to moisture, and extremely hygienic. When installed in a kitchen, a polished concrete not only offers you all three but also turns out to be low-maintenance. Regular wiping and cleaning are more than enough to keep it in its perfect state. An added bonus? They are water-proof. This required the hand of a professional who can deal within.
  3. Hallways and Entryways
    Can you imagine having ceramic tiles installed on your hallways? Of course, yes, but with the daily foot traffic, the damages and cracks come out in the clear as well. These areas have people walking, running, skipping, jumping all day long. This is why you must have something durable installed in your entryways and hallways. Along with people, there may be objects that get rolled and passed around this area. Sometimes these things can be hefty and can easily chip and crack your tiles. Therefore, it is recommended that only highly durable materials for your floor. Concrete floors, in this case, are perfect for these areas. Remember, they are mostly used in industrial, commercial areas, and garages. This makes them sturdy and scratch-proof and ideal for your hallways and entryways.
  4. Bedroom
    This space is probably the least expected recommendation for concrete flooring. Yes, concrete floors can get slightly uncomfortable due to its cold surface. Although it may seem like a drawback, you are anyway sprucing up the beauty of your bedroom with plush rugs and carpets. Why spend on expensive flooring materials and cover them with extravagant carpets when you can use the cost-effective concrete and decorate them with warm rugs?

We understand that different rooms offer different purposes. However, the essential areas of your house require sturdy, easy to maintain, and durable floors. Invest in décor ornaments and accessories for your home, and go for quality materials that are also cost-effective when it comes to the structural foundation of your home. Make sure you have collaborated and hired only experienced professionals from NYC Handyman to do the job.

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