How to Remodel Your Outdated Kitchen


Your kitchen is the most important part of your home. It is the place where you not only cook meals but also spend quality time with your family. Unfortunately, they look old, greased, dated, and become unable to fulfill your modern lifestyle needs over time. 

Remodeling gives them a fresh lease of life. 

A kitchen renovation lets you choose finishes and design elements that will overhaul and get your kitchen up to date. This may include things like adding granite countertop, farmhouse-style sink, ambient lighting, textured backsplash, and bold accents. With the help of the right kitchen remodeler, you can create a kitchen that looks stylish as well as timeliness in design. 

By renovating your kitchen, you achieve the space that fits your lifestyle, your requirements. Plus, it makes your kitchen looks more trendy and stylish than before. Kitchen remodeling also accentuates the appearance of your home. 

Apart from making your kitchen look beautiful, the renovation also improves the functionality. For example, if the lack of cabinets is affecting your kitchen’s functionality, installing more or them or at least extending the existing ones can help you use the space more smoothly. Or you can knock down a wall to add more counter space. What about installing a kitchen island or a wall oven?

Here are some things to do when remodeling your outdated kitchen. 

Work With the Right Contractor:

First of all, take the time to choose your kitchen remodeler. Choosing the right kitchen remodeler is important for critical renovation tasks like kitchen remodeling. However, many homeowners fail to ask questions when choosing a kitchen contractor.  To ensure that your kitchen contractor can understand your vision, it is important to ask questions related to their backgrounds and specializations. Asking questions about the contractor’s experience and track record ensures that you are getting the right contractor that will fit your needs. 

Make sure they are bonded and insured. This gives you peace of mind that if something goes wrong during the remodeling, you are covered and protected. 

Choose Your Material Wisely:

Most homeowners are likely to prefer trendy materials and design when it comes to kitchen remodeling. And this is one of the top kitchen remodeling mistakes they do.This is because the life of most design trends is generally 5-6 years. Installing permanent or difficult-to-replace materials, such as cabinets or countertops, with the trendiest finishes means that you have to renovate the kitchen again much sooner than expected. It can also make your kitchen look outdated and affect the resale value of the home as well. 

Limestone looks classy, but it is prone to water spots. Marble is vulnerable to staining and etching. Although recycled glass countertops may look sophisticated, they are prone to damage. The optimal option is quartz that is durable as well as beautiful. Here is a remedy—use trendy colors and textures in accent pieces, such as cushions, place settings, windows, and other accessories. Once the trend is dated, they are less expensive to replace. 

Invest in the Right Lights:

Let’s admit it. Lighting is one of the overlooked features in the kitchen. There is generally one ceiling fixture to lighten the entire kitchen. However, we are in the age of a multi-purpose kitchen that requires a trio of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient light gives a soft glow as it creates a base level of illumination in the room. It makes the room’s lighting natural and flat. Examples of ambient lighting are pendants, track lighting, ceiling lighting, and recessed lighting. 

Task lighting helps you see when you’re doing projects requiring finer light, such as cooking, chopping, or reading recipes. When it comes to accentuating the lighting in your kitchen, accent lighting adds to the overall look of the space. They can be placed underneath cabinets. They can be compared to a museum light that brings attention to the exhibit. Accent lighting softens the hard edges such as refrigerators, granite countertops, and refrigerators of the kitchens. 

Take Care of Ventilation:

Ventilation is downright essential in open-plan areas where cooking aroma can spread to other areas if not removed immediately. Ducted extractors are better for this job than charcoal filters and you need to ponder over how the duct will be installed from your extraction hood to the outside. It requires you to consider the amount of space between the kitchen ceiling and the floor above and any joints in between. 

Consider the Workflow:

The right amount of appliances, materials, and kitchen cabinets are important from the viewpoint of a kitchen renovation. They should be positioned strategically across the kitchen for an easy workflow. They should be placed carefully to ensure smooth flow and moving. 

Consider the Budget:

Make sure to set a realistic remodeling budget and stick to it. You shouldn’t spend more than 20% of the value of your property on a kitchen renovation, with around a third of that being spent on the cabinets. Ask for quotes from 4-5 kitchen remodelers and settle on a similar figure on those estimates. 

And one more thing—leave a 10% emergency fund for any unexpected expenses, especially if your house is more than 25 years old. 

Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are an important part of the viewpoint of aesthetics, storage, and functionality. Luckily, there are many trendy kitchen cabinets to choose from when you are looking to buy new ones. 

If you are running short of budget for that, ask the contractor if those cabinets can be painted. If you want to update them to create more storage and space around, you might get them repurposed or look for cheaper options such as used kitchen cabinets. Installing the kitchen cabinets also depends on the size of the kitchen, budget, and scope of the job. 

Go for the Right Kitchen Countertop:

Kitchen countertops play an important role: as the site for food prep as well as dining. There are many options such as natural stone countertops like granite, limestone, soapstone, and marble. You can also go for butcher block countertop or metal countertop options such as stainless steel and zinc.

Discuss your kitchen activities such as food preparation so that your contractor can suggest the right one for you.

For example, wood counterparts, like butcher block, glams up the kitchen. But they are prone to water damages, requiring you to take care of it. 

So these are some useful tips to get your old kitchen renovated in an efficient way. For more information visit our official website

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