Remodel your Bathroom in Seven Easy Steps


Bathroom isn’t just about a functional space, but it’s an integral part of an interior design of your home. We have some tips to share with you and help you explore possibilities to transform your bathroom with simple modifications and replacements.


Gear up your resources & consider all options

Search and your resources beforehand and make sure you start working after you have actually got the material because some stores take a few days to complete the order. Try to approach a local store specialized in natural stone and varying pieces of tops. Consider pre-designed or pre-cut tops as well as custom cut designs. Online store make a good option if you buy from reliable source.

Shower Storage

Don’t go for ugly plastic units for storage of shampoo, soap, razor, body wash etc. Instead, go for ceramic tile shelving installed in the corner of the shower or try built-in-the-wall shelving, or you can add framing between studs in the walls.

Don’t remove old tiles, rip up the Underlayment

Removing old flooring tile or vinyl is hard and time consuming. Therefore, rip up the underlayment along with the floor covering using circular saw blade. That can also expose water-damaged areas for repair.

Accent tiles instead of expensive options

If you find mosaic or glass tiles an expensive deal, then use special tiles as a border or sporadically in the tile pattern. You’ll not miss that big impact, punch of color and character.

Raise the flange, add a spacer

Replace your vinyl floor with tile and use the extra height to raise the toilet so that it no more fit snugly on the flange for the waste line. Buy a wax ring extender kit along with spacer that attaches to the flange with screws and install the toilet normally using wax ring.

Try new lighting updates

For a complete feel of renewed bathroom design update your lighting designs as well. Recessed lighting is a much better option if you use it over the shower for better illumination. The lights should be rated for bathrooms.

Call a professional, don’t be afraid

Not every part of the project falls in our comfort zones, and when it happens, don’t hesitate to pay a professional that spoiling it and adding to the expenditure over double repair. An electrician, plumber with experience can always tell what’s going to work and what’s not.

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