DIY: Home-based remedies for cleaning a rusted axe head

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Do you like sourcing up firewood yourself? If yes, then chances are you have an axe for the purpose. Since the axe head is made out of iron, it is very prone to rust. If you have an old rusted axe head at home, you would want to clean it to look new, so that you can use it once again.

cleaning a rusted axe head

Well, when you have an old rusted axe head, you need to ensure that its shape and the edge are perfect so that it is pleasant and workable. The most primary thing with an axe head is that it should always have a sharp edge; if the edge is slightly broken, or has some piece of the blade missing because of the rust, then trying to clean it is just going to be a waste of time. Along with checking the axe head for a sharp edge, you should also examine the rest of it to see if there is any kind of damage.

After you have ensure that its worth spending time to clean the rusted axe head you have, then source up a few materials – white vinegar and a plastic box to clean up the axe head.

The plastic box you have sourced should be large enough to submerge the axe head completely, now place the axe in the plastic box and begin poring white vinegar in it slowly. Make sure the vinegar cover the entire axe. Place the box in a safe place and leave the axe submerged in vinegar for few hours and see the rust bits removing from the axe.

Once you notice the rust coming out, you can use a steel brush or sponge to rub the axe. Also clean the axe’s eye, where the handle will fit in. When clean of rust, wash the axe thoroughly with hot water. Pat the axe dry with a towel and leave it to dry completely.

Since, it’s the moisture which encourages rusting, you must ensure that you have allowed the axe to dry completely before storing it or using it. Ensure that its eye is dry, since this cavity can remain wet and then begin to rust yet again.

Vinegar has a very strong smell, so the cleaning process should be carried out by wearing gloves and if possible, the cleaning process should be carried out outside the house.

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