Popular Modern Interior Trends to Watch for in 2015


A renovation of home or apartment; it’s one of the subjects in ‘what to do New Year resolution’. The biggest challenge, however, is to decide an interior design and style. The trends come and go, and it’s hard to exactly predict upcoming trends, we can still get a direction based on ongoing inclination towards some common elements of different trends.  In 2015, modern interior design trends are going through dynamic evolution of styles that emerge from blending of traditional, contemporary, classic, and retro design ideas. The materials are upgraded, colors are available in ecological range, and patterns from past, present, and future, reality and fiction, are popping up consistently.

You need to take a look at the hottest and emerging modern interior design trends in 2015, because, it’s no more about just bricks and paints. The interior design now represents reflection of personality, versatility, and serenity amidst modernization. Here some of the design trends that’ll gain popularity during 2015:


Blend of old and new materials and patterns

Fusion of styles is one of the best ways to create innovative designs through experimentation, and designers are doing well to make most of it. Old, new, and contemporary interior designs are exists at the same time. These fusions include comfortable living spaces with interesting patterns, organic shapes, natural interior decoration color schemes, and softly curved lines.

Trending materials

In 2015, no single choice of material exhales, but we can see combination of fabulous modern and traditional materials like  wood, metal, stone, salvaged wood, natural light wood, rustic wood, stained wood with gold and bronze metal frames and elegant, expensive marble and granite. The furniture, lighting fixture etc. incorporate metal frame with classic and contemporary wood details. Eco-friendly messages are working and people are considering natural materials over synthetic materials.

Trending colors

With modern complexity came an emptiness seeking serenity, therefore, pleasant natural room colors and soft pastels are trending in interior home designing. The experimentation with colors and shades is guiding us to reinvent classic styles or contrasting patterns to contemporary designs and décor styles.

Trending themes with organic design ideas


Tow essentials features of nature are greenery and natural light. Modern interior designs are inclining towards adopting green spaces with greater visibility through replacing small windows with large ones with glass. Indoor water features, green color in nature inspired patterns, floral designs, vases, indoor plantation options, flowers, and a lot natural light so that we stay connected to nature: that’s what trending in 2015.

Blending Retro style with modern interior decoration ideas

Designers are trying to create inviting and gorgeous rooms and spaces in residential and commercial spaces through blending rustic and retro styles. The walls with geometrical prints, handwritten letters, posters, chalk drawings are proving to be innovative options for interior designs.


Recycling and re-use of old disposed off material are hitting designers as well as people. A lot of waste can be re-used or recycled to make new furniture pieces or decorating stuff.  It’s perhaps, the most important aspect of trending themes and choice materials because the earth need us to be soft it. In nutshell, innovative, interesting and inviting interior homes designing ideas are taking over and no single trend dominates the market. Same goes with the materials and themes. However, ecological approach towards materials with more visible green spaces is the part that must be emphasized.

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