How To Hide Cords While Wall Mounting Your TV?


Hiding the cables now becomes an easy task for your new TV. It will hardly take an hour to place all the chords safely and in a clean manner that too without using any power tools or special equipment.

Your new wall-mounted flat-panel television proffers you room modernity and a better visual experience. But, the trunk of cables is surely not a good thing for your interiors. With the brick and concrete walls it becomes next to impossible, hiding them behind your walls. Fortunately, here is a solution that upholds the slick look of your flat panel and covering your chords safely. Learn how you can hang your TV and hide all the chords without invading the wall space.

Learn how you can easily use a TV wall mount and hide all the chords without invading the wall space.

Step 1:

First of all you need to mount the TV at a proper place and for that you will need to attach brackets to the back of the TV. With this, you need to affix the large mounting bracket to your room’s wall.

There are some screws on the back of your TV. Remove them while plugging the holes.

mount the TV

Make use of the kit for mounting the brackets to the backside of the TV.


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Step 2:

Cutting holes: Hiding of your cords starts with a cutting procedure. You have to cut two holes in your sheetrock, which is not difficult at all. You can start by cutting the top hole inside the bracket area.

Image 3

After you successfully cut the first hole, go ahead with second hole which need to be about a foot off the ground and directly below the first hole.

Image 4

Step 3:
Inserting Cables: While dropping the cables, you may face two conditions:

Through Interior Wall: A wall that don’t have the outdoors on the other side, probably don’t have insulation inside. In such case, your work simplifies.

Through Exterior Wall: If you are trying it on a wall with great outdoors outside, will require pushing through insulation.

The other option is of using a Steel Fish Tape. A thin flexible piece of steel which comes on a roll allows you to, “fish” it through your wall.

IMage 5

Image 6

Image 7


Attach the Cables: You can use the tape or anything else for attaching the cables to the end of the Fish Tape. Carefully, wind the tape back. You are almost done; pull the cords right through the wall.

Image 8

Image 9

So, you’ve got your cords hidden in your wall. Now you can plug them to the back of your TV, hook it to the mounting bracket. Now enjoy a better view, with more clean and tidy arrangement!

Image 10

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