DIY: How to stabilize a grinder stand so it’s not a hindrance to your craftsmanship


A grinder stand is one of the finest addition to any craftsman’s workshop. Mostly, the grinder stands are constructed out of steel and position firmly in place when the grinder on it is spinning.

There can be times when something turns wrong and the grinder stand, you have, begins to move around and vibrate, when the grinder on it is rotating.

You can have a movable stand, to preserve the valuable space grinder stand is going to occupy in the workshop. There are people, I have seen, who would mount wheels to the base of the stand so that they can tilt or roll the stand outside for jobs outdoors, or just to create space for cleaning in the workshop.


However, there is a major shortcoming with stands with wheels – they are not stable, especially when the grinder placed on them is spinning. The best alternative thus is to mount non-marring rubber feet to the stand, which aptly hold the stand in place despite the movement on top.

It should be kept in mind that it’s not always the stands fault, maybe it’s not the stand that is vibrating or moving; it could be the grinder that is vibrating. Before doing anything, you should look up for the primary cause. If your finding shows that it’s the grinder stand that’s vibrating you can contact Hays NYC or you may just want to consider this little DIY to sort the problem.

I had a grinder bench, which stood on its three footed stand. When it comes to holding the grinder on it, this stand does a wonderful job, but lately I shifted my workshop to my newly built garage and I found that the grinder stand had begun to vibrate and move across the floor when the grinder is spinning on it.

After a great deal of understanding, I was able to figure out that on applying considerable amount of pressure on it, the stand would stop rattling around. I then realized that this was primarily because the floor of my garage wasn’t level. Since, I had little scope to fiddle with the floor, I decided to create this vibration-free grinder stand.

Collecting materials

Being a craftsman I wanted to keep the DIY project simple and inexpensive. So, I begin searching up for things at home that I could use in the project.

I found some door stopper tips that I had got home for some job that I had never felt the need to execute. Along with the tips I also found a box of 1/4”-20 screws and their nuts. I was glad I had all that I would need for the feet of my grinder stand to make it stable and vibration-free.

Screwing the door stopper tips

When I got down to screwing the tips I realized the holes in the stopper tips were bit small to accommodate the ¼” screws. I could have changed to smaller screws, but it’s better to have long screws because you can cut off any excess in case you need shorter screws. So, I got down to drilling the stopper tips with screwdriver.


After I had drilled out the stopper tips, I inserted the screws comfortably into them and with help of the screws, I mounted the rubber stopper tips to each foot of the grinder stand and added the nut to hold them on it.

Here you have a very stable grinder stand – do try one at home, if you have a problem of vibrating stands but make sure you have understood properly that the problem lies in the stand and not in the grinder on top.

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