DIY: Handyman NY shows how to make an IKEA box charging station


I personally have been a great fan of IKEA furniture. It impresses me how a company up in Netherlands came up with an idea to create furniture which owners could assemble right in their homes.

I became really fascinated with IKEA furniture only after I started working as a handyman with IKEA furniture assembly NYC; with very little knowledge of furniture assembling. Over years, I started playing with IKEA produce and steadily started becoming its fan. Today, even when I am not with IKEA assembly NYC, the scenario is such that I end up recommending IKEA furniture to just about every client.

IKEA box charging

My fascination for IKEA is deep rooted in me, owing to the craze, I have finished a few DIY projects involving IKEA goodies; and here today I am going to take you through the process of building an IKEA box charging station.

We all have so many gadgets at home that charging them means cord clutter everywhere, especially around the wall socket or a power strip. To do away with this cord clutter, many DIYers have had their take on charging station. is filled with such examples. But I wanted to involve IKEA in my project – and this is what makes my DIY charging station different to the ones you have seen, made or will stumble upon in the near future.

So here how a Handyman NY went about creating his charging station.

Material required for the DIY project

Since my charging station is a tribute to IKEA there is no doubt it would involve something based on it:

The material thus required include – a black box measuring 40×30 (IKEA Ladis), Black lid for the box, a power strip (size, which can fit flat inside the box), a hand drill, knife and tie-wraps.

Fitting the power strip in the box

Fitting the power strip in the box is the first task. Instead of placing the strip into the box, I created an opening on side towards the base of the box (with a knife) and slid the power strip into the box through this opening. I kept the power strip switch outside the box, so that the power to the strip can be managed easily (the side of the box with switch sticking out can be placed towards the wall).

Working on the lid

Next then, I made holes to the box lid (using hand drill), this to stick out one end of the wires of charges that will be connected to the power strip now placed inside the IKEA box. In case you have a camera battery charger (or some other charger that fits a battery to charge), you can tie-wrap the charger to the top of the lid.

Securing the power strip

Then it was time to secure the power strip to the base of the box. By making tiny holes and with use of tie-warps it was easy to secure the power strip.

Provision for ventilation

Knowing that the type of box I have used can get warm easily, and with all the adaptors that will be connected to the power strip within, it was important to make provision for ventilation. For this, I drilled some holes in the box, on the side from where I slid the power strip into the box.

You’re done

With everything in place – all the adaptors hooked in to the power strip and the box lid closed, finally the IKEA box charging station was ready.

Making the IKEA box charging station wasn’t at all difficult, you can take a leaf from my design guide and try building one at home. Managing chargers cords will never be a problem again.

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