DIY Painting: 5 Secrets Top Professionals Never Want You to Know


Compete with a professional painter and you will notice a significant difference in the end results. While the professional work will speak for itself, your work won’t even be near to completion.

But, what besides professional skills did your work lack? Is there a secret that these professional painters use?

Unexpectedly, Yes! Professional painting services in NYC and anywhere around the world use some secret techniques to make their work look flawless. Because, these are secrets, they will never want you to know about them.


Don’t be surprised if you find some terms unfamiliar, because these are secrets and you will only determine them in following paragraphs.

Using Tinted Primer for Filling Up Cracks And Patches

In order to make the wall look flat and glint, painters fill patches or crack with a joint compound. However, if you directly paint the surface, the filling compound will soak up the wetness from the paint leaving the surface dull and dry.

As a solution, painters use tinted primers on walls before painting. This secret acts as a cover for the paint and adds a better finish to the top layer that would only have been possible only after three paint coats.

Using a Paint Extender

If you ever tried painting on your own, it’s certain that one will be able to spot lap marks. But why such mistakes are never noticed with professional painters.

The secret behind this is that professional painters use paint extender with paints.

Adding paint extender to paint will make the paint dry out gradually. Besides this, it allows painters with a greater time to cover up the ugly marks and darken the shade more precisely.

With a paint extender, you virtually eliminate brush strokes as the paint gets leveled on the surface.

Adding that perfect finish to ceilings

Do you believe that giving the ceiling a perfectly tidy finish is virtually impossible? Believe us, it isn’t. It’s much simpler then you would have ever imagined.

Once done painting the ceiling, just pick a screwdriver and run it from one end to other. This will scrap of all the additional paint from the surface and will furnish with a perfect finish.

Moreover, the scrape will create an outline for the ceiling and the paints will look flawlessly blended.

Cleaning Dirty Walls

Dirty walls like kitchen shelves, light switches and mudrooms are certainly more difficult to paint than normal walls. This dirt needs to be cleaned before paint with a good cleanser.

Don’t use detergents or soaps for cleaning. Painters NYC suggest the use of degreaser for this purpose.

The cleaning agent is strong enough to clean dirt and grease from any sort of surface. Besides this, the walls cleaned with degreaser prop up paint for a longer time.

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