DIY: Make a Measuring Tape Holder in Just 3 Steps


A measuring tape is a must have in the toolbox of every builder, designer, homeowner or a renter. It is a low-priced and very handy device, acquiring a little space it has a greater number of uses. Whether it is a task concerned with building, maintaining or repairing of a home or an auto, tape is required in one way or other. However, the major problem you might face while using a measuring tape is that it misplaces often. The reason being, it is very small in size. And whenever it is required you don’t get it. If you are dealing with same kind of problem, then here is the solution. Read below and make a fixed measuring tape holder on your door organizer, that too at a minimum cost.

measuring tape

For creating a handy measuring tape holder all you need is just a piece of aluminum sheet and a little amount of your time!

1. Initiate with a piece of aluminum strip:


Take a 5″ x 7″ aluminum flashing sheet and measure a strip about 1 1/2″ inches wide from it. Now you require a heavy duty scissor for cutting this strip. You must take care while accomplishing this task as the edges are very sharp. It is better is you wear gloves while doing this.

2. Make it a ‘U’:


Now you have to bend the metal strip in a ‘U’ shape. You can take a straight edge for this purpose. Make sure that the shape you created is deep enough to wrap around the piece of wood. Along this, leave about 1/2 inch of space so that the measuring tape clip easily glides in.

3. Place the holder with a piece of wood:


For attaching the holder you can use your multi-material screws. The benefit of using these screws is that they effortlessly work with metal and wood, i.e. you don’t need any pre-drilling. You just have to create a small divot with a nail before drilling. This prevents slipping of the screw.

So, just in three easy steps you can make dedicated storage spot on your door organizer. No more fear of losing your tape, it is now safely placed in your organizer. Isn’t it great!

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