7 Secrets to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value


Home’s Resale Value

Your home is probably the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, right? Selling a home can be even more stressful than purchasing one. If you are planning to sale it off, you might be expecting more than what you spent in the beginning.

However, the price fluctuations, due to number of reasons, can reduce the value of your property. Hence, if you want to put your home on the market, ensuring that it pays a good amount, you must put in some extra efforts. No, it is not always about taking on a large-scale remodeling project. Certainly, it can boost your home’s value, but it will be an expensive affair.

The good thing is that you can make it more appealing to buyers without breaking the bank. Just with little care and planning, you can make this happen. There are some simple ideas to raise the value, find out them here.

Remove the clutter


First thing you need to understand that when a buyer walks through a house, he will visualize himself living in the space. Finding your home full of clutter can distract the buyer and will leave a bad impression of yours. This means you must remove all those unnecessary items which make it easier for buyer to assume what he is buying and how it will appear.

All you need to do is spend a weekend to make a thorough check and figure out what you need to keep and what can be moved to storage room. Ensure you clear off the counters and organize your rooms to make your home more appealing and more comfortable.

Relive your interiors with fresh paint

Fresh paint

When you want to transform a room, nothing works better than a paint job. It is effective in terms of both time and money. If you want to save more, you can do it yourself. But otherwise you can call up a professional handyman service provider to save your time. Being professionals they not only save your time and efforts, but also the task will be accomplished with perfection. Here are pointers to be considered:

  • If you are running short on budget, you don’t need to paint every room. Start with those very brightly colored walls, bathrooms, and kitchen. For other areas, a touch-up can help lift the overall value.
  • Make sure you choose colors wisely. Experts suggest that to maximize your home’s resale potential, it is better to go for a calm, neutral color palette. You can pick any among the beiges, greys, whites and off-whites. Basically, lighter colors reflect the light immensely. It will help you create a sense of space.
  • To add more to your space, you can go colorful as per the soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, throws or towels. You can ignore the non-permanent and inexpensive items like mirrors and artwork.

A kitchen facelift

Kitchen facelift


Without any doubt, kitchen is the heart of your home. And it will be perfect to do a little kitchen updating. While bigger tasks like installing new cabinetry and appliances comes with a bigger price tag, there are some other way s to give your kitchen a new look without making it expensive affair. For instance, you can plan for painting your cabinets. It will cover up nicks and scratches, giving your space a new kook without spending a lot. Make sure all the old appliances are cleaned properly before a buyer visits.

Clear your bath space

Bath space

Along with your kitchen, why not remodel your bathrooms too. From cleaning grout, replacing an outdated vanity, to re-caulking the tub, there is a lot you can do for your outdated bathroom. Even if you are not putting much into this section, ensure it appears clean always.

Landscaping works



Addition of shrubs and colorful plants will definitely add curb appeal to your home. If you haven’t maintained it from a long time, you can think of shopping at your local garden center. Buy plants which are native to your region, and require less water and maintenance. For those overgrown or patchy lawns and bushes, taming is must. Either you can hire a lawn service or you can shape your hedges yourself.

Refinish the floors

Refinish the floors

This could be another takeaway. Floors can be a make or break factor for many buyers. People don’t prefer wall-to-wall carpeting these days. Instead, wood has turned out to be an evergreen choice. You can plan for replacing floors  that have signs of wood rot or termites. Also you can consider repairing those broken tiles.

Energy efficient spaces

Energy efficient spaces


People are in love with energy-efficient measures. Hence, if you are investing in new appliances, go for energy stars. Take a long term view and you will realize that switching to more energy efficient devices will be affecting your energy costs permanently.

So, instead of spending thousands on major home improvements, you can consider these inexpensive ideas. Whether you want to sell your home right now or in the distant future, these will be helpful anyways.

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