5 Secret IKEA Services You Need To Be Aware Of!


5 Secret IKEA Services You Need To Be Aware Of!

Being well known home furnishing brand, IKEA holds a special place in the life of the flat pack lovers. While it is highly famous, on the other hand it is found that many people still know merely as a brand for ready-to-assemble furniture. But that’s not at all! There are several IKEA services which people are not aware of, but are greatly impressive. Checkout some of them here:

Kitchen planning!

Planning to build a kitchen space of your dreams? IKEA can help you out. The kitchen expert, co-workers can help you to make your new kitchen in store. Certainly, they will charge a planning fee, but having a skillful assembler is something which is more important, isn’t it? They will be there to help you out and advice for best solutions.

Kitchen and Bathroom installation!

Why only planning, if you want the professional assemblers to handle your assembling needs, IKEA has the same facility for you. Whether it is about fitting taps, worktop installations, fitting sinks, or installation of appliances, these services are designed specifically to save the customer valuable time. And do you know what the best part is the IKEA’s installation service comes with a free 5-year guarantee on workmanship and installation.

Earth friendly concept!

Being responsible towards the environment, the company has pledged full commitment to eco-friendly furniture. From philosophy to products, they keep it environment friendly. And one more step towards this course of action is that now it commits to reduce waste of any hazardous materials.

Curtains creation and alteration!

The company simply states that if you are in love with the textiles, but not in love with the sewing machine, they can do the favor. With the curtain making and alteration service, IKEA simplifies the need and help you add life to your space.

Recycling is also in!

Another great idea from the bucket of IKEA is that the old furniture can be now re-used by a charity organization to help those people who really need it. Basically, they move with an aim to the give a new life to the old stuff donating to the local families. And in case, the item is not reusable, it is still not wasted. It will be disassembled and then recycled with the lowest environmental impact. So, whether it is your existing bed, sofa, chairs, mattress, or those appliances in kitchen, which are not so appealing, you can hand over them.

So, now you are known to the knock down services the furnishing pioneer has to offer, you can make best use of it!

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