Spring Home Maintenance: Take one step towards better health!


Spring Home Maintenance - Take one step towards better health

Spring is not just the most beautiful season of the year. It is the right time to look forward to a better health and hygiene. And there could be nothing better than giving your home and your loved ones a pleasant surprise of spring cleaning. Unfortunately, for some of the householders this can turn into a daunting task, when things are not done in appropriate manner. No need to be intimidated. Read on some useful spring cleaning tips here to proceed:

Check For The Cleaning Supplies:

Before you start with the process of cleaning your house, make sure you have the right supplies. It is advisable to make a list of the chemicals, detergent, oven cleaning spray, furniture polish, mould remover products, and other accessories like gloves, microfiber cloths, etc.  You might a number of things like mops, buckets, dustpan, a cobweb remover, a broom, step ladder, and so on. So make sure you have them before hand.

Start With Your Bathroom:

Start with an area which is not only difficult to do, but also needs cleaning greatly. For this, you will need some strong cleaners; a CLR (Calcium, and limescle Remover) would work ideally for the glass and shower tile. Just wipe off your bathroom cupboards, emptying them before. Put those unwanted and empty products to the trash box and with help of a disinfectant, clean the space inside and outside. Last, you can wipe down the walls.

Kitchen Cleaning Is A Must:

From your appliances to the cabinetries in your kitchen, everything needs to be cleaned very nicely.  First sort out things, including eatables, drinks, etc. Discard the out of date products and then start cleaning the appliances. Once you are done with them, start cleaning the kitchen cupboards from inside and outside. Check for the top of the kitchen cupboards, you can opt for grease cleaning, if needed. Similarly, the splash back needs a degreaser to sparkle like new. Also, don’t forget to clean the light fitting in the kitchen.

Bedroom And Living Room Cleaning:

Bedrooms are often ignored, but you don’t need to repeat the same mistake. Start cleaning under the bed, removing bed sheets, pillow covers, and other stuff. Vacuum the entire room and then clean the inside of wardrobes and drawers. Also wipe off the skirting boards and walls.

Similarly, for the living spaces, dust the picture frames, remove the cobwebs, vacuum the entire space and also throw out those unwanted materials.

 So, for now have fun with your spring cleaning!

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