How Residential Electricians Can Help Keep Kids Safe around Electricity


How Residential Electricians

You know kids are naughty, they are curious, and you cannot change this fact of life. When the little one begin to walk and run around your home, he carves to explore the world around him. Without knowing what’s good and bad for him, he runs toward every little thing which attracts him. Then whether it is the running washing machine or the electrical switches, he loves to toggle them, play with them. But it is you the parent who need to worry for them. You have to protect them from the dangers lurk. And this can be done with the help of an expert electrician. These professional can help ensure the safety of children with their expertise and experience.

Wire Inspection:

An electrician will inspect the condition of cords and wires used in your home. If needed, he can recommend replacing or repairing any damaged cords. Also, they can help keeping them out of high traffic areas. After having a look at the number of extension cords, he will decide over whether an additional outlet is needed or not.

Childproofing Outlets:

When it is about childproofing outlets, you need something more than those plastic plugs. Using them is an ineffective way, as these can become a choking hazard. Also, the tamper proof outlets do not fully seal the opening. Hence, this means your child could still put a stick pin into the socket. Ask your electrician to help choose the best protection for their family and install them.

GFCI Installation:

This is certainly one of the essential features you can ask your electrician to install. GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters. Basically, these are the outlets which feature a sensor which shuts off if there is some dangerous change in the current. Often, GFCIs are found in bathrooms or kitchens, the reason being they protect from water hazards. But you can get them installed where you feel compulsory.

Smoke Alarms:

Most of the residential electrician will suggest you smoke alarms. No, it is not that it will protect you from an electrical shock. But yes, a smoke alarm turns out to be the best way to protect the entire family from an electrical fire. So, don’t forget to ask your electrician to install high quality alarms which are both battery powered and hard-wired. And you can always ask them to interconnect all the alarms so that all of them sound at the same time.

Do you know every year thousands of children are injured due to electrical-related injuries? Don’t let the same incident happen to your place. Call up a professional and make your child safe from electrical dangers in the home!

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