No Unwelcoming Guest! 6 Steps to Make Your Home Secure Against Burglary


No Unwelcoming Guest! 6 Steps to Make Your Home Secure Against Burglary

Given the burglary, intrusion and break in, it’s obvious to worry over your home security. According to an FBI report, the burglary is done every 15 seconds in the USA. The report also tells that the residential areas are prone to the burglaries. So, home security must be your utmost priority rather thinking about the home décor. A secure home not only keeps your belongings safe but also ensures you a peace of mind. Here are the things every home owner must do to make his home less attractive to the burglars and intruders.

Reinforce the Doors:

Front door is the gateway for burglars to your home. But you must check other doors in your home too. Your inspection regimen should include the checking of frames, hinges and the woods. Check if they are strong enough for your home security. Don’t sacrifice your home security for the beauty of your front door. Make sure your door have a peephole and deadbolt to make it even secure.

Lock the Windows:

Replace the latches on your windows with locks and key operated lever to consolidate your safety. You can go for the laminating or tempered glass for more protection. Apart from first story windows, make your basement and second story windows secure.

Consider a Security System:

It is found that a home without security system has more chances to be robbed off than the one who has it. So, you must purchase security systems like cameras, alarms, and sensors to monitor and avoiding damages. Whereas surveillance cameras help you monitor the areas around your dwelling, lawn perimeter alarms will rang up on the entrance of the “unwelcoming guests”. But they are effective only when placed on the right position.

Check Out Your Lawns and Yards:

Bushes, trees and shrubs are used by the burglar to hide. So, you must trim the unwanted vegetation from time to time. It will not only help you see your lawn clearly but make your home windows and doors visible to the neighbors and passerby. You must not hesitate to invest few hours in trimming; after all it will only reduce the risk of break-in. Lay gravel on the ground near the window so that you can clearly hear the footsteps. You can plant, thorny bushes to disturb the burglary attempts.

Consider Security Lighting’s

Putting your money on quality security lighting system means you’re damn serious about your home security. Outdoor motion light is one of the widely used systems to deter the burglary attempts. Consider the one coming with infrared motion sensors and place them near your entrances. It’s worth rewarding as no intruders like lights while advancing toward your home.

Stay in Touch with Your Neighbors:

Keeping security system is good, but your neighbors help is essential to deter intrusion and the burglary attempts on your home. Since they are familiar with the surrounding and can monitor your home when you’re away. So, be friendly with your neighbors and develop a good bonding with them.

In concluding lines, with these 6 steps to make your home secure against burglary, you can make your home secure. If you have a query to make your home secure in NYC service in New York, feel free to call your Hays NYC today at 212-222-2770 FREE.

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