How To Spray Paint You Interior Walls Like A Pro?


When it is about painting, the thought makes you excited, isn’t it? Everyone loves those newly painted walls, doors, etc. in their home. But is that so simple to get the painting job done right? Certainly, not! And if you are not a pro, few mistakes can turn your excitement into a shock. To prevent this, you must look for the best options to paint your stuff.

How To Spray Paint You Interior Walls Like A Pro?

Sprayers- these are highly popular nowadays. Being a very efficient tool for painters, they can help you skip the hassle of brush and trays, and also cut down on the amount of time you need to put into a project. But just like any other device, these require some knowledge and practice for efficient results.

Before you start with the job, it is essential to know how to use a paint spray gun correctly, what kind of surface you are painting, and the type of paint you choose. While it will be hard to cover all the surfaces in one post, here is how to work on your interior walls. Follow the below stated steps for amazing paint work.

Step1: Prep:

So, before you begin, ensure that you have all of the supplies, required to spray paint your interior wall. It is advised to choose an airless spray gun. You can either buy it or rent it from your local hardware store. In addition, you need spray paint, newspapers or trap, wash cloth, painters tape, sugar soap and water.

Step2: Clean up:

  • Next, you need to clear out all the furniture and appliances from the room. If not all, make sure you create enough room to work freely. For those immovable stuffs, you can use tarp or newspapers to cover them in order to avoid getting any paint on it.
  • Besides, the items in your room, you need to look for imperfections in the walls, if any. The reason being, it will affect the quality of the paint job. Fixing these first is a necessary action.
  • The clean up step includes washing the walls down. You can do this using the washcloth and sugar soap water solution. This is simply done to get all the dirt and dust off the wall.

Step3: Spray:

Once you are done with the cleanup process, it is time to head off with spray work. But before this, if there are other walls or some specific parts on the wall, which are not to be painted, make sure you cover then nicely. You can take help of painters tape and tarp/newspapers. Also, do check for dry walls. If these are wet, you need to wait till they get dry completely.

  • As spray paint spreads over large surfaces, be careful while painting. Wear your protective clothes and cover your hair, arms, etc.
  • Straining the paint into the spray gun, check for the consistency. If needed, you can dilute the paint a bit to sprays with ease.
  • Remember, the spray gun should be held around 12 inches from the wall surface, perpendicular to the wall. Begin from one top corner, making short and steady strokes all over the wall.
  • Here, you need to overlap each stroke by a third for even appearance.
  • Several light coats can be added later for better finish

The best thing about sprayers is that, while they add convenience to your work, it gives tidier and cleaner aesthetics to all kinds of surfaces, no matter it is small or large. Go and paint your dream wall today!

You can always get better assistance and advice from a professional painter. It will help to improve the quality of your project giving you with satisfactory results.

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