How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor?


With hardwood back in style, homemakers are looking forward to add elegance to their space with refinishing. Basically, there are two big reasons of these types of flooring. Firstly, they offer timeless mix of beauty and durability, which is hard to get with other material. So you can pair them with any design.

Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Secondly, in case these floors get worn and scuffed, you don’t need to replace them completely. All you need is simply perform refinishing for them. Remember, it is simple process only when done with proper instruction and attention. Follow this guide to learn how you can implement refinishing for your hardwood floors.

Choose The Right Sanding Equipment:

If you are not much experienced, you can try random orbital sanders. They might take a bit longer time to remove the old finishes, but are really perfect and do not require a lot of experience.

Work Carefully:

You need to be very cautious while doing floor sanding and refinishing. Often it generates a large amount of dust and fumes. So, make sure you stock up on the dust masks and earplugs. Also when you start applying sealers or oil-based polyurethane, the NIOSH-approved organic vapor respirators, gloves and eye protection are must have.

Keep Patience:

Start off with coarse-grit abrasives. It is definitely sufficient to remove the old finish. Don’t be aggressive; else you will end up damaging the flooring. You can proceed with abrasives to reach the desired degree of smoothness and move row by row.

Work in The Corners Too:

At times, people forget those special corners of their home. Don’t repeat the same mistake! You can use a palm sander for the baseboard moldings; however, you need a sharp scraper to remove any areas of old finish. It allows you to work along board edges, like the butt joints.


Well, most of you might ignore this but it is really important. Especially, for the homes where floor takes stain unevenly. Apply the sealer evenly for a better finish.

Thus, if your floor was among those treasures which were buried for long, you can now get it back in more stunning look with the aforementioned tips to refinish hardwood floors.

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