Must Follow Fire Safety Tips For Christmas Tree!


Every year, you spend hours looking for perfect Christmas tree for your home. According to a recent survey, an estimated 28 million live Christmas trees are to be sold this year. So, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Christmas tree is said to bring happiness and rejoice in your home. Children and adults both love to decorate them. But do you know that a large number of fire accidents occur worldwide due to Christmas tree?

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Yes, don’t let anything ruin your festive season. Find out some helpful fire safety tips for your Christmas tree here:

Choose a tree wisely:

Fresh trees are a common choice, and now you have one more reason to have them. They are less likely to catch fire. So, go for a tree with vibrant green needles. Make sure it shouldn’t be shedding its needles readily and buy the freshest one. How to find? It is quite simple, a fresh tree is green. The needles are hard to pull from branches and the trunk butt is sticky with resin.

However, if you are buying an artificial tree, make sure it bears the “Fire Resistant” label. These trees are more prone to fire and such label will resist burning.

Place it properly:

Now comes the placement of your tree. Remember, you need to keep it away from heater vents, fireplaces, portable heaters, and television sets. Also, it is recommended to place it out of the way of traffic; it shouldn’t block doorways. In order to secure tall trees to walls or ceiling, make use of thin guy wires. If you room is heated, make sure you keep it from drying rapidly. To prevent this, keep the stand filled with water and check the level daily.

Decorate it carefully:

It is meant to be decorated, but with your greater attention. For this, buy the Christmas lights that have been tested by the UL or ETL/ITSNA for safety. If you are using any holiday candles, keep them away from your Christmas tree, and even from the furniture and other décor. Also, at bedtime­ don’t forget to turn your Christmas tree light every night. Avoid using those lighted candles on a tree. And use those non-flammable holders.

At the end, when the tree begins to drop its needles, say goodbye to the evergreen foliage!

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