How to Make Your AC Summer Ready


Finally, the onset of the summers is here as we are in the middle of March. 

It is time to check your AC and fans to make sure they can “perform” after being in “off mode” for months. After all, New York is known for its extreme summers. 

There are numerous advantages to keeping your air conditioner in good working order. To begin with, it provides greater air quality, which is otherwise harmed by dirt and filth.

Second, it extends the life and decreases the need of air conditioner maintenance and replacements. An AC consumes less electricity as a result of its greater efficiency, allowing you to save money on your electricity bills. To reap those benefits, it’s evident that you should keep your air conditioner clean and tidy.

To take care of your air conditioner, all you have to do is follow these simple but effective cleaning tips:

Read the Instructions:

Make sure to read the official instructions if you’re cleaning your air conditioner for the first time. An AC system, like all appliances, usually comes with a user manual that explains how to clean the air filters and other serviceable parts in detail. Furthermore, you are aware of the precautions to take to avoid complications or damage to your air conditioner. If you don’t have a user manual, you can download one from the manufacturer’s website or request one.

Turn Off AC:

Before servicing your AC, make sure to turn off the main switch to avoid electrical shocks or short circuits during the process. 

STEP# 1: Clean Air Filter(Indoor Unit)

The air filter traps the dust and protects the radiator of AC from dirt and grimes. Being one of the most functional parts of AC, it requires maintenance from time to time. 

Over time, a filter is clogged with dirt, pollens, and other substances, making them inefficient to filter the air. It also results in higher running costs. 

However, it is quite simple to take care of air filters in your AC. Just open the plastic cover of your AC and removes the filters. They are rectangular screens equipped with a foam-based material. After removing them from AC, follow these steps to clean them:

Vacuum them or wash them with warm water. 

Use a mild household detergent for stubborn stains and dirt over them.

A little baking soda water is useful to remove the accumulated odor. 

Allow the filters dry before putting them back in AC. 



How often should you clean the air filters of your AC?

Whereas many manufacturers recommend the weekly cleaning of air filters, it depends on how often you use the AC. It is simple—more use of AC means frequent cleaning of the filters. However, you should replace the worn-out filters as maintenance won’t make them efficient again. 


Clean AC Evaporator Coils (Indoor Unit)

Like air filters, coils play a vital role in the functioning of AC. There are two types of coils in AC—evaporator coils trap heat from the air, while condenser coils release that captured heat. A dirty evaporator coil leads to decreased cooling efficiency, increased energy consumption, the buildup of ice on the coil, and breakdown in your AC. 

So, it is important to keep them clean on regular basis. 

Use a low compressed air or a soft bristle brush across the fins if the coils are accumulated with light dust and dirt. 

You can use water or mild detergent solution, letting it sit for a short time followed by rinsing. 

Call professional for heavily soiled or worn-out coils


STEP#3: Clean The Vents(Indoor Unit):

Vents or louvers make the front part of the AC look like a window blind or shutter having horizontal slats. They direct the airflow. Being the main passage for cooling, these vents are an ideal habitat for black mold that is responsible for respiratory problems, especially in people having mold allergies. So, they should be cleaned from time to time. 

Unscrew the vent cover of the window AC. Put it in a basin or tub filled with soapy (detergent) water. Use a brush to rinse the vents cover thoroughly. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and reinstall it. 

STEP #4: Keep Clean the Outdoor Unit Too:

Trim the surrounding grass and keep it clear of dust, leaves, and cobwebs. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust accumulated inside. 

So, these are simple ideas to take care of your AC. Performing these steps frequently will help you keep your AC working for longer, without fewer faults. However, you should call a professional for an advanced level of maintenance. 

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