4 Important Things to Know About TV Wall Mount


Without wall mount, you can’t dare put up your T.V. on the wall. Yes, we all trust on the hold a mount provides against the dropping or slipping of T.V. from the position. Besides keeping your screen on the place, wall mount plays an important role in ensuring the right angel for T.V. viewing.  Arguably, one can say that wall mount system is as important as your T.V. remote.

But you need to consider several things to make the real use of the T.V. wall mount—to secure your T.V. and get right viewing angle. Installing a T.V. wall mount involves lot of things like your screen size and weight and the right type.

Here are the tips to do that:

Which T.V. Wall Mount is Best for Me?

T.V. wall mount comes in various types according to your preferences. The popular types of wall mounts are Fixed, Tilted and articulated wall mounts.

Whereas fixed is the most basic design and is best if you don’t want to move your T.V. very often. On the other hand, tilting brackets let you make vertical adjustments, nearly up to 15 degrees for better viewing angel. Articulating wall mount comes with the super flexibility as they allow you to move your T.V. in any viewing position. They can tilt and swivel the screen and can be pulled and pushed back to the ball. Choose the one which can extends up to 31 inches out from wall and have a a swivel angle of +/- 90 degrees. Anything less than it means you have a limiting the viewing options for the screen.

Your T.V. Size and Weight:

This factor is crucial from the viewpoint of safety. You must buy the TV. mount according to the weight and screen size of your TV. TV sizes are counted in inches, which are measured diagonally across the screen. Besides the screen size, make sure the bracket is enough strong to hold the weight of the T.V. You can find the weight of your TV on its manual or box. It is best to go for the higher weight capacity to ensure the full safety.

Besides, check the VESA pattern to determine the sizes of various TV width and height. For example, you can choose 700×500, which will suitable for most of the screens.

Quality Does Matter:

Prefer quality over budget when it comes to shop TV mount. Make sure it has strong construction which can hold your TV in position. TV wall mount made from powder coated steel is strong and are long lasted. Buy it from reliable and reputable dealers. You can check the reviews of the product online. Make sure you buy a new mount, rather than old and used one.

Consider the Professional for Installation:

With few tools and drill machine, you can nail wall mount to the wall. If you don’t want to make big patches on the wall or damage, you must call professional for this job as can adjust everything better.

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