How to Build DIY Tool Kit to Fix Electrical Faults of Your Home?

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A DIY electrician kit helps you troubleshoot common electrical problems at home. Does your tool kit carry all the essential components? Find out what all you need to include in your kit to make it perfect.

Admit it- you give up fixing common electrical problems just because you lack a right tool. Sometimes you don’t have a screwdriver to open a circuit box; sometimes you badly miss the tape to secure the wires. Eventually, you end up calling some electrician in New York who may overcharge you for such minor faults.

So, it makes sense to build a DIY electrician tool kit to troubleshoot common electrical faults at your home. With the help of such a kit, you would be able to repair most of the common electrical problems without any professional assistance.

Let’s see what your DIY electrician tool kit should include:

Screw Driver for Screwing/Unscrewing Switch Plates and Fixtures:

Screwdriver is one of the most common tools used for both household and industrial purpose. They are used to drive in screws in electric fixtures, switches, appliances bezel, and plates to the wall or ceiling. Make sure your screwdriver comes with multiple bits to work on all screws.

Side Cutting Plier for Twisting the Wires:

Side Cutting plier allows you to do different jobs with a wire, ranging from twisting to cutting it to a specific length. Generally, side cutting pliers come with insulated handles, offering it shock prevention and comfortable grip, altogether.

Wire Cutter to Cut Wire Precisely:

Wire cutter is tool similar to a scissor; but it is used to cut wires of different gauges with greater precision.

Electrical Tape for Insulating and Securing Wires:

Always use a black insulated tape to secure wiring connections. Besides, keep a different colored tape to mark or identify the cords. In fact, prefer thicker electrical tape with a strong adhesive.

Electrician’s Gloves for Shock Protection:

You can’t afford to miss electrician’s gloves! After all, your safety matters the most. Choose insulated gloves for greater protection from the lethal shocks.

Safety Glasses for Vision Protection:

Keep your eyes safe with the help of safety glasses. These protect your eyes from spark or clipped wire, while you are busy doing electrical work.

Flashlight for Working in Dark:

What if a problem occurs in those late hours of the day? Yes, this portable hand-held electric light will help you working in the dark easily.

So, these were the essential elements of your DIY kit which would be highly useful in fixing common electrical problems at your home. Each component will make your work easier and convenient.

Additional Tip: Just make sure to turn the main power off and avoid handling electrical wires with wet hand.

And in any case, the problem appears to be more complicated, you must hire an expert.

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