7 Home Security Tips Before Leaving for Christmas Holidays


Don’t worry about your home security while you are away for festive holidays. Instead, use these easy things to ensure the security of your unattended home.

Home Security Tips

So, festive season has finally arrived with Thanksgiving Day this month while Christmas is just round the corner. And it’s quite exciting to take out your family on holidays to celebrate these grand fests.

But have you ever thought about home security while you are away? Your home will be closed and unattended for a long time, making it an easy target for burglars. That is very devastating if you learn something has gone terribly wrong at your home after returning from such a beautiful journey.  We want you to use these home safety tips while you are on Christmas holidays.

#1 Lock Your Windows Properly

Statistics reveal that 30% of home burglary is done through an unlock window while 23% burglars choose first floor windows to enter home. It means that you need to be serious towards your window security, no matter how strong your door’s locking system is. To avoid the window break-ins, follow these safety measures:

  • Make sure to lock your windows from inside
  • Install window’s bars and grills
  • Choose protective film or security screens to secure window glass
  • Plant thorny bushes under your windows

#2 Turn Off Your Home Phone Ringer

The constant ringing of your home phone signals burglar that you’re away. Avoid that potential risk by turning off the ringer of the phone.

#3 Find a Right House Sitter

Choose the right person to take care of your property and pets in your absence. He can be your neighbor, relative or friend. If they are not available, you can arrange a professional house sitter from house sitting agency. He can pick up your mail, turn on and off lights, and take care everything for you. Many agencies provide home sitting services for overnight to ensure you double protection. In other words, they are your holiday home security guard.

#4 Don’t Post Your Holiday Status and Pics on Social Media

Don’t advertise your absence on social media sites by posting your holiday pictures and status. This is because a burglar may be using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to assume that you are out of town. Always check who is able to see your social media posts before you upload them.

Remember, your posts and images are online information which is easy to copy or share around. For example, your Twitter’s profile, tweets and images are searchable without requiring an account on the network.

#5 Ask Your Neighbors to Take Care of Your Home

Love thy neighbors! And the love pays off when they take care of your home in your absence. Ask your trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your unattended home. Give them your key so that they can water your plants, bring the mail in, feed your pets and ensure that things are right inside. Appreciate and reward them when you are back to the home.

#6 Use Security Gadgets

Security devices give you peace of mind about your home security when you are away. They are affordable and let you know what is happening in your absence. For example, you can monitor your home via CCTV camera and control your automated lights and smoke detector with few swipes on your smartphone. Similarly, a fake TV device appears as if someone is watching TV inside.

#7 Hire Professional Security Guards

Professional security guards will care for and protect your property during your holidays. They are good choice over home sitters if you have expensive property with valuable content inside. These security guards will patrol around your home while deterring burglars and trespassers. Apart from protecting your home, they can perform the duties of home sitters. So it will be great if you hire security guards for your apartment or home security.

So, this is all about the security measures for your home while you’re away for Christmas holidays. These things ensure your home security and you can enjoy your festive holidays with no worry over that.

About Author: Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security service provider in California region.

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