How do Handyman Services aid in home modifications for aging households?


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines “aging in place” as the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

According to research conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), more than 90% of retired seniors wish to continue living in their homes rather than an old age home. Rightfully so, their home is the happiest place for them. But is it the safest? Despite the comforts and amenities, they could be at a risk for avoidable fatalities. This is where the best handyman in NYC plays a pivotal role in modifying homes for seniors.

Modifying older homes is all the more important during these challenging times as aged/aging people cannot afford to live a life with constant injuries and discomfort.

Take a look at some of the best home upgrades and modifications that would make an older home comfortable and therefore, safe.

Railings and Grab Bars

Although grab bars are mostly installed in the bathrooms, they can be installed at different corners of the house for added support. It can make a difference by bringing stability and comfort to the home. A professional handyman in Manhattan can securely install the railings and grab bars near toilets and other areas of the house. This ensures safety as it can bear the person’s weight. This makes activities like showering convenient by installing grab bars and corner seat that ensures safety.

Also, they do not necessarily have to be a regular eyesore as these installations can also accentuate a place through their decorative designs.

Furniture Assembly

Most old people suffer from joint pain and problems and faulty furniture assembly could lead to major injuries. Handyman services not only provide creative, finest, and customizable installations but also affordable service. Safe assembly of furniture units is important since sturdy, firm furniture reduces the risk of toppling. In addition to furniture assembly, setting up certain things like a little seat near the staircase or a bench on the porch would help prevent accidental slips and trips.  Hiring inexperienced services would only lead to the installation of lightweight frames. Comfort, in this case, comes with durability and safety.

Changing the Cabinetry

It is difficult for old people to grasp, turn and twist the traditional knobs. It would be best to replace the cabinet hardware once and for all. Regardless of how physically active the person is, s/he is vulnerable to developing arthritis and this makes it difficult for them to grasp or apply pressure on furniture fixtures. Best carpenters in NYC can be hired to install or replace the complex hardware to make it convenient for seniors to use. Installation of pull-out and pull-down shelves in kitchens and bathrooms would make it a lot easier for aging homeowners to ease accessibility. User-friendly cabinets, doors, and knobs, although a noticeable modification, can look just as stylish as any other decor upgrade and keep life stable and moving.

Kitchen Remodeling

This is not the regular kitchen upgrade for beautification purposes alone. According to statistics, falling and tripping are among the major causes of accidental deaths at home. Most of these incidents happen in bathrooms and kitchens. It would be best to install non-slip, anti-glare tile to ensure safety in the kitchen. It would also be easy to clean and maintain it. The idea should be to keep dangers and risks as minimal as possible.

Doorways and Alleys

Narrow corridors and doorways obstruct the passages for people with walkers or wheelchairs. These hindrances hamper their daily regime and increase the risks of injuries. Hiring the best handyman in Manhattan to widen doorways would be of extreme help since they will get the work done and advise you on how to make the environment safer for people with disabilities. Their experience includes knowledge concerning measurements according to regulation standards.

It is quite challenging for an average senior to live alone without assistance. The key is to build an environment that covers safety, security, comfort, and accessibility. This is possible through home modifications tips like above. Hiring and consulting the best handyman in NYC for renovations and upgrades would enable a safe and secure home for the aged to lead a life without the hassles.

The reason behind trusting professionals, in this case, is because they know exactly what and how to upgrade. Every area counts and therefore must be carefully worked upon. So, regardless of whether you live a thousand miles or two blocks away, it would be best to recommend your aging parents and loved ones to modify their homes by relying on expert handyman services to get the best of home improvement and maintenance.

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