Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Tips as per Best Handyman Services


In most households, pets are the youngest members of the family, they are often considered the kids. Therefore, it is no news that the pet’s needs are and should be considered while renovating a home. After all, most homeowners in NYC complete a pet-related survey before they move in or begin the remodeling project. Adding a dog door or building a fence are just common pet-friendly additions to the home for your furry friend. However, designing a pet-conscious home is much more than that. It would require the assistance of the best handyman in NYC in this case. Take a look.

Follow these tips to keep your pet safe and comfortable while your home’s a construction zone.

Landscaping Ideas

Apart from a fence that is among the first pet-friendly addition to a place, there are a lot of other things that whether needs work or are constructed to improve your yard or garden to make it convenient for your pets. These landscape ideas are outdoor options for your pet to safely enjoy a place while playing. Consider the following ideas for your yard or outdoor space.

Enclosed patio

Pets like indoor cats and puppies need a safe outdoor space to play in the sun and fresh air. This would require the usually open patio to be enclosed with outdoor fencing. To make the space fun and exciting add perches, climbing posts, pet beds, small slides, and toys so that they remain active and get ample rest.


Adding a ramp to your porches is a safe plan especially if you have far too small or older dogs. Puppies and kittens might tumble down the stairs and injure themselves. Older pets and specific breeds like basset hounds and dachshunds are prone to back problems and would have trouble climbing up and down. You could also consult the best handyman in Manhattan to get more ideas to make your yard a safe space for your pet.  

Private fencing

This tip would work great for you as a homeowner for privacy and a safe way to prevent your pet from running away from the premises. Also, it would not excite your pet unnecessarily since it would block the neighborhood and roadside views. However, if it would be best to also create a little window for them so that they get the best of both worlds.

Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen remodelling usually includes a lot of things such as changing countertops, shelves, cabinets, new paint jobs, or appliances. However, with a furry friend in the house, there are several pet-conscious ideas specifically for the kitchen. The idea to redesign the kitchen while you have a pet in the house should mainly surround storage space, including feeding stations, or create a little boundary within the house. Take a look


Pet food, snacks, bowls, and treats lying around, out in the open is not appealing to the eye. It would also attract unwanted pests. Installing new drawers, cabinets, and shelves in the kitchen would keep things in order and organized. By installing deep drawers to store their utensils and other utility items would also maintain hygiene levels in the kitchen.

Feeding station

Creating feeding areas keep the kitchen space spick and span. A built-in area for pets would prevent kids and you from tripping over pet bowls and spilling them everywhere. Hire the best handyman services to install a faucet at ground level near the feeding station to make it convenient for you to refill or clean their bowls. 


As much as we all love pets; they can get super active and messy. It is adorable as long as it stays outside the kitchen. Most households use baby gates for them but it is of no use when they outgrow it. Install a half door or a swinging gate to keep your pets out of the kitchen. These gates are all the more helpful while you are cooking or serving food to family and guests without making pets feeling left out.

Bathroom Ideas

Not every household can afford a mudroom or pet washing area and therefore, a bathroom can be remodeled as per your pet’s needs.

Kitty litter box

Although bathrooms are the perfect place to place the litter box, it is not the most appealing sight. Therefore, a cabinet door can be re-installed and changed into a small space to place your cat’s litter box. A little shelf can be re-used to store your pet’s belongings.

Bathing area

Bathing your pet in a tub is slightly unhygienic for your home and unsafe for the pet. An open shower area works great as a bathing station for your pet. Hire the best handyman in Manhattan to install plumbing fixtures and handheld shower-heads. This would make bathing and cleaning your pets easier. Having said that, this bathing station would require a larger drain area so that it doesn’t get clogged with pet hair.

Renovations are always fun. This time it will be convenient for your pets as well. While you aim to keep your home pet-friendly, make sure to keep the environment safe for pets during the entire remodeling process.

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