Grab The 6 Classy Handyman Tools in Secret And Make 007 Proud

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Whether you are on an immediate hike-in fishing trip or just trying to shun away an overweight baggage fee with the airline, a small and light tool kit for any minor or major emergencies can work for you!

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Here are 6 super cool undercover handyman tools that will inspire you: 

#1 Hair Clip Tool Kit

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These are a classic covert tool kit in your hair. Being a girl, you can apply them in your hair as a hair clip having solid hold. And, later on as a tiny tool kit, can be used. Creative Clips have come up with a few extra uses as well. The Clip can be used to free coin worked shopping cart locks, and it can be used to peel any fruit as well.

#2 Secret Lipstick Tool Kit 

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In case you’re a lipstick toting woman, this is an immaculate idea where all you need is to find your favorite color, use it till the end. Then, save the tube and make your own particular multi-tool in a lipstick tube.

The key factor of this toolbox is the bit holder. When you have used the lipstick tube, remove the platform of adjustable lipstick and clean the left lipstick, use epoxy glue to set the bit holder inside the tube.

#3 Handyman Key Tools

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It is a Swiss Tech Utili-Key, which includes six natty tools into one. A little flathead screwdriver is supplemented with small eyeglass screwdriver. Two sharp blades, one straight and one serrated, fold into the Phillips screwdriver head and a convenient container opener is tucked inside the pivot. The tool is fully beneficial for your home with your car keys, house keys or the key to the lock on your secret lab.

#4 Saw Blade Ring

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Saw blade ring is comprised of steel, which works awesome on nylon twine, plastic restraints and duct tape. Despite the fact that it’s minimal dubious to handle, but if you end up needing one, then you’re most likely already in a precarious condition.

The blade can likewise be used to shim a handcuff, which could make it the ideal bachelor party gift.

#5 UZI Pen

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If you wind up needing something sturdier to escape those troublesome cuffs, the UZI pen accompanies a hidden handcuff opener. The UZI pen is housed in a machined aluminum body that makes an impressive weapon and a convenient glass shattering tool. If you get yourself caught in your own car, use UZI pen to rescue. Stunningly, the pen even write while underwater and when held upside down.

#6 Credit Card Knife

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Credit Card Knife is an ultra dainty utility blade, which is completely designed and molded in a Credit Card style. It is a genuine utility blade that you can take along with you wherever you go. The body is accessible in both machined aluminum and polypropylene plastic. It can be used for big cutting tasks like cutting vegetables or filleting fish. Also, it can be used for safety purposes as well.

Handyman Tools In Secret

These 6 Handyman Tools In Secret are unquestionably cool with having a few secrets that up your sleeve. With the right cool gadget, one can settle the their own problem as well as others like James Bond 007 style!

Do have have any chic handyman tool that can be used for multipurpose? Then, do share with us in a below given comment box!

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