Paint Colors That Transform Dark Rooms


Dreary, dull rooms can be transformed into vaporous, feel-great spaces with a couple of smart pinches. Besides, small home upgrades need not cost the earth.

Begin by cleaning up and disposing of anything shabby, unused or disdained. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the fun bit!

Choosing the Right Paint

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Make the room appear to be superior by painting ceilings a lighter shade than the walls. Simply add some white emulsion to your selected wall paint – you’ll keep the tone same and it won’t cost as much as a different tin of paint.

Chocolate Brown

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While most dark paints make a low-light room feel smaller and more limiting, chocolate is a warm, welcoming shade that makes a space comfortable. Balance this strong color with light accents, for example, white woodwork, pale covering, or designed fabrics, to keep the look from feeling too substantial.


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Elegant dark has turned into the new nonpartisan in interior design. One major explanation behind its prominence is that it works similarly well in both sun-showered and sun-denied spaces. For dark spaces, pick a lighter shade for the walls and join brilliant accents into the room through woodwork, fabrics, and adornments.


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Cheerful pink is a natural pick for rooms where sunlight is constrained. The shade you’re attracted to directs how and where best to use it. Pale rose and seashell can light up each of the four walls, however, bolder tones like watermelon and fuchsia can overpower a dark space—save those for an accent wall.

Lime Green

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Lime green empowers interiors, both big and small— ideal for a dreary room. Numerous homeowners use it on an accent wall, but don’t hesitate to coat each of the four if the look suits you. This splendid shade works to brighten up either traditional settings like bedrooms and bathrooms or an out-of-the-way spot like a laundry room or Balcony.

Emerald Green

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Add only the appropriate amount of energy and fun to dark with emerald green walls and cabinets. In rooms without natural light, shadows turn out to be entirely particular and can make the room feel much darker. At that point, while picking paint, you need to pick a shading that retains shadows and just searches the better for it. Gem tones work well for this.

Which paint color are you picking for your darker rooms? Do share with us in a comment below!

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