DIY: Magnetic Cable Holder for IKEA Bedside Table


Unless you have a table with cable manager of some sort, storing the cables is such an annoying task. Instructables member sbanas understood this the hard way. Just when he got home new IKEA furniture – one piece comprising SELJE nightstand, he realized that the side table was good to store everything – all gadgets, and other items required at bedside, but he faced problem with sorting the charger cables.

It is hard to keep cables on a nightstand, you either end up draping them all the way across the surface of the table or they tend to slide down on to the floor. Finding this really problematic, he decided to give a little DIY tweak to the chargers and solve the issue of sorting cables.

Magnetic Cable Holder

It is always pleasing to have a way to discretely store electronics charging cables so that you can readily use them and they do not tangle or fall off the table on to the floor. This is the very purpose of this DIY hack, a useful way to store away the charger so that they can be easily used without any hassles.

Almost all of us have struggled with sorting the earphone and charger cables at some point ourselves, therefore we truly understand the significance of such a nifty hack. There have been clever cable management hacks that we have seen in the past, but what makes this one special is that this is more natural and modern. So, if you have been using blinder clips to attach the charger cable to the bedside table, you definitely need to know how to make one of these magnetic cable holders for your nightstand.

Materials required for the clever hack

  • Small magnets that are of ideal size to fit the head of a charger’s cable
  • A hot glue gun
  • And the chargers and cables that you want to be held up on the IKEA table

Fitting magnets to the cable heads

Since, the table sbanas took home is metallic, he choose magnets for his project. As understood this may not be ideal if you have wooden bedside table at home.

Sticking the magnet onto the cables is really simple. You just have to bear in mind that the magnet is not stuck up too close to the plug; this may otherwise interfere with the charging. Therefore, the easiest way to ensure correct distance from the plug is to plug the charging cable into your device and then arrange the magnet in such a way that it is at an appropriate distance. Once you have finalized the spot to fix the magnet, using the hot glue gun, fix the magnet to the cable. After the glue has dried up, you can give it a test!

Be informed that there is no reason to be concerned about the magnet disrupting the signal when the wire is plugged in. Your device will work as well as it did before your DIY attempt.

Now, then you are good to go. You have managed delightful little hack to discretely store the cables and cords. With the use of the tiny magnets, you can stick the cables to the table, so you don’t have to struggle untangling them or clearing them up from the floor. You will also have more space and less clutter on the table, since the cables will no longer be draped all across the surface of the table.

Here then, the cables are out of the way, and they really look pretty good. Enjoy the new hack and be proud of yourself.

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