DIY: How to make your own zombie for the Halloween party


While most people advocate otherwise, there are a number of medical experts and academicians that advocate, based on evidences, that zombies are for real. Yes, there is a rare chance we will see one for real, so here is how you can make one for the world to see this Halloween.

Halloween Party

The flesh-eating, slouching zombies are in vogue creatures in movies and TV series. And lately they have become ultimate do-it-yourself project. Using and handling natural materials with care, you can easily set out to make a zombie at home. What you will manage is actually something that will depend on your diligence.

Before you follow the steps below and set out to create your own zombie, you need to be informed that zombie creation is regulated by law in certain places. You must ensure you have obtained relevant permissions to carry out such a project.

The basic secrete of zombie creation lies in the coupe poudre – a powder used by bokur to induce zombification. While the real recipes for coupe poudre is not known, it is believed that tetradotoxin produced in the liver and ovaries of some species of puffer fish is one of the main ingredients of the powdery substance.

Ingredients required

  • Tetrodotoxin
  • Bufotenin
  • Tree frog secretion
  • Clay jar

Tetrodotoxin: As discussed, the tetrodotoxin, which is found in the puffer fish fugu rubripes, if administered in right quantity can cause reduction in heart rate and metabolism or even cause paralysis. This means anyone administered with tetrodotoxin can appear dead, except of most sensitive medical equipment – zombie sorts you see.

Bufotenin: The whitish and irritating substance bufotenin, secreted by Cane toad (Rhinella marina) also known as the giant neotropical toad or marine toad, is another toxic substance used for zombification. The irritant secreted by the toad from glands and back of the head can inflame skin and eyes and causes mild hallucinations.

Tree frog secretion: The tree frogs found in the Dominican Republic and Hati also secrete a toxic substance from their skins, which is deadly, but not as much as that emitted by Cane toad. The secretion makes the skin dry, and creates tiny wounds that permit toxins to enter into the bloodstream.

Clay jar: Zombies use an earthenware jar to store ti-bon anj, and your personal zombie will need it too. Since it is going to be with the zombie, you must ensure that the jar is easy to identify and good to show off the people.

In addition to all the aforementioned substances, you can use other ingredients too. Such ingredients that you think you’d like, and you zombie will feel that you really care.


All the materials above need to be mixed together and grinded to powder and should then be left to dry for a few days. Understand how you will use the coupe poudre with the mixture and then you’re ready to give someone a zombification.

After administering the mixture you can bury the zombie subject alive. The subject will hallucinate, and asphyxiate. Struggling for oxygen in the coffin, you will want to revive your zombie – use datura plant for the same.

The psychological damage caused by the feeling of being paralyzed, being buried alive and hallucinating vaguely, and then being administered with a good dose of datura (a mind altering substance) will make your subject an intense zombie – your personal zombie that will scare the shit out of everyone on the Halloween party.

It’s easy to create your own zombie and scare all your friends and enemies, but you need to ensure you have permissions to create one

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