Amazing Ways to Fix Common Floor Problems at Home


Amazing Ways to Fix Common Floor Problems at Home

Well it is usually said to leave over the maintenance projects for the professionals. But every time calling the experts costs heavily on your budget. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! There are some easy solutions to some common problems. Find them here and get the job done.

Carpet Pet Stains:

You love your pet very much and what about your carpet? You wish to keep them clean and spotless, isn’t it? But with pets at home it’s predictable that you will have a stain. All you need to do is whenever you observe a liquid stain, using paper towels or rags blot it applying a gentle and firm pressure.  You don’t need to scrub or wipe initially. Look for the size of the stain, and accordingly use a carpet shampoo and scrub brush. You can also use a powered spot wet vacuum.

Scratched Wood Floor:

Those stunning hardwood floors make your kitchen look beautiful in true sense. What if the pet or your kid get it dinged up or scratched with his paws or toys, respectively? Another reason could be dragging furniture without felt pads underneath, which causes deep scratches. What you can do initially is rub the light scratches with the grain using steel wool or fine-grit (220-grit) sandpaper. Later, apply a top coat using a small brush.

In case of deep scratches, you can fill the scratch with wood filler, something close to the color of the wood. Let it fix, before you sand and apply a finish.

Spilled Paint on Carpet:

Your carpets are subjected to greater damage. And when it is about the spilled paint, it’s best to act instantaneously and wisely. When the satin is fresh, with a paper towel or rag, dab up as much of the paint as you can. However, don’t smear or rub it in. Now you need mineral spirits, acetone, nail polish remover or alcohol. Dilute and dab up the paint, but without soaking. After a while, use a white paper towel or rag to bring off the paint.

In case, it is dried, try scraping off, followed by the dabbing process.

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