Learn How To Renovate Your Bathroom Step By Step!


Planning to renovate your bathroom? Here it is important to understand that a bathroom remodel is as much more than painting the walls. It is all about designing a functional and elegant day-to-day space, meanwhile creating a tempting and pampering retreat. Well, if you are really confused about how to start and proceed, then here is a little help. Learn some essential steps to rejuvenate your bathrooms with perfection.

Learn How To Renovate Your Bathroom Step By Step!

Step#1: Start Your Research

Whatever your need is, it is important to start your process with some good research. Here you need to have some plans drawn, get some ideas out of your head and draft them onto paper. Look for different needs, changes and additions that you need to get done in your new bath space. As you are investing a reasonable amount, you cannot take the risk to change plans now and then.

Step# 2: Prepare a Layout

When you are done with the planning process, it is right time draft a layout. It will include various things, especially estimating your budget. It is highly recommended to break the process down into categories; for example, you can keep fittings, fixtures and other materials in one and the cost of trades and contractors in second.

 You can explore the market to get an idea of the products, fixtures, tiles, faucets, etc. needed. And for the second part, you need to first decide whether you will do it yourself or will hire professionals. In case, you need experts for help, make sure you search properly for their previous work, schedule, and what they charge.

Step#3: Pre Construction Stage

Although, this could be included into the previous point, but separating it is not meaningless. Actually, pre construction is an essential step while staring up with any bathroom renovation project. Here you need a construction schedule, i.e. a proper time line of works, mapped out in a way that you know it exactly what resources and contractors are needed, dates, etc. This might appear to be bit time consuming, but this seriously simplifies your work.

Step#4: Construction Stage

After your planning and pre construction map, it is time to head together and transform the entire look of your space. The efforts in making all the plans and preparation in advance will now be beneficial. It will help you overcome the hiccups like delay in material delivery, variation in the plan layout, unavailability of material, fixtures, etc.

Step#5: Completion Stage

Now when done with bathroom remodeling process, you need to sign off your contractors. Before you end up with the things, make sure the work is done up to your expectations and you are happy with the quality of work.

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