7 Easy Garden Décor Ideas

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Functional and stylish home gardens don’t have to be costly—and these garden décor ideas are so easy, so cheaper, you can do them yourself over the weekend.

It is a piece of land where you spend lazy evenings. This is the best place for organizing barbeques party. More than anything else, it makes the most part of your home’s curb appeal.

Yeah, we are talking about your garden.

You can make it look expensive and attractive with some simple ideas. And it won’t cost you anything. Here we have rounded up some simple garden décor ideas you should try.

Try Other Shapes:

One of the simplest and affordable ways to transform your garden is to experiment with its shape. It can be a circle, a square or an oblong.

A great way to rejuvenate your garden if it looks tired or uninviting!

Use a string to mark it out while spade will be used to cut away the excess grass. It’s not that a difficult job. It can be completed in a few hours. And guess what—it costs you nothing.

Fill Flowerbeds with Perennials:

Perennials like geums, hardy geraniums, and astrantia bring the jest of colors to your garden. Just tip the plant out of its pots and pull it apart into two or three bits, each with some stalks and root. Each part will be planted in your flowerbed. You can dig them up and pull them apart again to gain even more plants once they grow and spread. As a result, your garden will be brimming up with an awestruck display over time. An average sized garden will require just six geranium plants.

Use Fertilizers:

Fertilizer can make your grass look healthier by fixing up bare patches, preventing weeds and also extending the life of lawn and resistant to foot traffic, pests and pets.

You can use cheap fertilizers from any departmental stores and local garden centers. It will add to the greenery and appeal of your garden.

Light it Up:

This garden décor idea will just amplify the appearance of your garden! Adding landscape or garden lights are a great way to accentuate your garden’s features as well as to make it warm and beautiful. Talking about their functional benefits, you can sit outside in warmer light and make your home safer.

Garden lighting comes in endless varieties, from lanterns, festoon lighting, and illuminating lanterns to spotlight LED lights. To save money, you can opt for solar-powered lighting. Make sure to choose energy efficient bulbs to save on electricity bills if you are looking to use non-solar powered lights. The strategic points to use these lights across your garden are branches, footpaths, and walkaways, wall textures, stairs, and porch.

Paint Your Fence and Shed:

An old wrecked fence can spoil the appearance of your garden. So bring it back with a few splashes of paint. Sand it down and use an undercoat or primer before giving it a new lick of paint. You can experiment with a range of colors. Most sheds can withstand the test of time.

Use Accessories:

Bring in candle holders for the patio table and new cushions for the patio set. It will give your garden a more welcoming feel. Other accessories to be added are a bird bath, watering can and a barbecue set. You can paint your outdoor metal pieces with a new coat of outdoor paint to jazz them up.

De-weed the Garden:

Weeds make your garden look messy and unwelcoming. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to clear them off. Use a kitchen knife to scrape them from the root. You can also use herbicide to prevent them from coming to your garden.

With these easy budget-friendly ideas, you can make your small garden look even attractive, classy and welcoming. Want to say something else? Please let us know by commenting below!

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