DIY Shelving Ideas You Can Do Today


Here are some easy DIY shelving ideas to organize and stock up your belongings.)

Space is a big concern faced by many people. That’s why a shelving system is here to address all those concerns as it arranges, organizes and stocks up things in homes and offices. This way, it saves you a lot of valuable floor space.

But what if your room lacks appropriate shelves? Or your belongings have just outgrown the number of shelves? It means you have to call a contractor to get those concrete shelves built.

Why not create the one for you?

DIY Shelving Ideas

Yeah, you have read it, right? There are many materials you can use to build attractive shelves. Here’s how.

Open Shelves:

Open shelving is one of the popular styles due to their versatility and modern design appeal. These simple open shelves are known for offering clean look storage and contemporary style. Good thing is that you can make them at home using oak boards.

It will require you, 3-4 oak boards, to create three shelves. For example, one board will be used vertically and serve as the base for the other three boards that will be your shelves.

Industrial Pipe Shelves:

Whether you’re looking to cover an empty wall, create a fun storage option, or add rustic vibes to your living space, DIY industrial pipe shelves will meet your purpose wonderfully. They will just add a modern urban farmhouse vibe to your interiors.

To make industrial pipe shelves that look aesthetically pleasing, you need 4 threaded pipe of 1 inch diameter (one pipe can be cut into 4 equal-sized pieces), 4 caps, 4 galvanized floor flanges, sandpaper, stain, 1 bottle black spray paint, 4 two-hole straps, dark washer, dark nuts and some wall anchors.

Rough the pipe parts up with sandpaper and apply spray paint over them.

All you need to install the two pipes to the wall, keeping them at a parallel to each other. This will be a base of your one shelf. Repeat the same procedure with the other two pipes. Take a thicker piece of wood. Secure them with the straps.

Rope Shelves:

This looks classy yet vintage at the same time. And guess what—rope shelves are easy to make. You need any length of wooden plank, a rope, a drip, and 2 large screws. You can give pain the wooden plank in your desired color or with the one that can go with the walls. Drill one hole at the corner of one end and then drill another one parallel to it. Repeat the same with the other end of the plank. These holes will be used to get the rope in. Now, drill two holes in the wall for securing the hooks that will hold the rope. Install the hooks.

Now take one piece of rope and pass it’s both ends through the hole. Secure them with a strong knot. Do the same with another piece of rope. So you have ropes at the bond end of the plank. It is the time to hang it up with the hooks you have installed.

Copper Pipe Shelves:

Copper pipe shelves are not only easy to make, but also look attractive. You need some copper wires and circular cork to create the one.

All you need to start by cutting your circular cork coasters in half. You can use some cardboard as their base if they are a little fragile. In this case, use a hot glue gun to secure the cork and cardboard together. Create two holes in the coasters. Now pass through both ends of copper wire so that the wire forms a shape of inverted V. Your mini copper shelve is ready.

So these are some cool DIY shelving ideas you can start today. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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