Furniture Tip-Over: Tips to Avoid an Accident at Home


When we know about accidents at home, we consider somebody slipping in a bathtub, tumbling down stairs or stumbling on a loose carpet. In any case, one of the greatest risks is tipping or falling furniture and TVs. A kid’s imagination can turn everything in indoor play. And these indoor plays can lead to accidents.

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To protect indoor play fun and secure, it’s vital for guardians and parental figures to know about the risks of furniture tip-overs and look after their homes.

Some of the key tips from these resources include:

#1 Place your TV Safely

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If you have an LCD or Plasma flat panel and can’t legitimately stay it to a wall, then make sure that the TV is set on a flat board stand that is suitable for its size. Television Stands to be low to the ground and the TV should be pushed as far back as possible on the stand. Both the stand and TV must be appropriately secured to a stud in the wall with an anti-tip kit.


Try not to put a TV on top of a dresser. Try not to place things on top of a TV, which could attract a kid to climb up to reach or snatch them, mostly toys.

#2 Anchor Furniture with Anti-Tip Brackets

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Use wall-brackets to grapple best substantial furniture including: TVs, fish tanks, microwaves, bookshelves, and other big appliances.

Moreover, you can use anchoring straps that work much the same as L brackets in securing the furniture to the wall.

#3 Keep the Toys or Candy to Easily Reach Places

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Avoid placing attractive things like toys or candy on higher shelves as kids may try to climb the furniture to reach them and cause an accident.

#4 Check Your Kitchen Appliances Far from Kid’s Reach

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Keep the appliances out of the reach of kids so that they do not try to touch them. Check your oven’s stability and install an anti-tip bracket. Whatever they love it, make it easier for them to approach that easily either by placing it on the counter or by giving it to them timely.

#5 Checking Your Kids at All Times

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Safety instruction is the way to furniture tip-over prevention. It would be ideal if you share these assets broadly to help decrease the quantity of kids getting injured in their own homes.


By reading this article you will not only save home accidents, i.e., tv and furniture tipping, but also you can save your kids from future home accidents.

Prevention is Better Than Cure!

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