DIY Hanging Baskets for Bathroom Storage


If you have a congested bathroom in your apartment, best you can do to maximize space and make it look bigger is employ simple and easily practicable storage ideas. Smart storage doesn’t only help you save space, but also make your bathroom appear bigger than its actual size and clutter-free and the entire house pretty organized!

Industrial wire baskets can be a handy storage idea; they don’t take much space to fit in your bathroom and make quite nice shelves out there. Along with these hanging baskets, you needa bit of economical hardware to turn your bathroom into a more ordered and roomy place inside your apartment! They’ll absorb all extra stuff that you don’t want to display within your bathroom, making your counters cleaner.

Follow the following DIY steps to hang a wire basket on one of your bathroom walls:

Handyman Stuff

The Hardware Stuff That You’ll Need

You will need a wire basket, a power drill, hammer, level, pencil, four heavy-duty screws, four drywall anchors of the right size that can fit the screw and four washers.


Hanging a Wire Basket

Step 1:

With its bottom well against the wall, hold the basket close to the wall surface. You can sue the level on the top in order to ensure that you are holding the basket quite straight. Use the pencil to mark through any four openings near the ends, so that you can find out where to drill the wall for holes.

Step 2:

Take your power drill to drill the holes in the wall where you want to hang the basket. You will have, however, to make sure that you keep the holes slightly smaller than your wall anchors. Take the measurements before you drill the wall where you marked with the pencil. Once you have drilled the wall exactly at the pencil marks, hammer your wall anchors into the holes.

Step 3:

Hold the basket close to the wall, exactly the way you did while making the marks in the beginning. Now, drill the screws well deep into the wall where washers are just behind them on the front of your basket. But do not tighten them until the basket is properly leveling with the wall surface.

Wire Basket Hanging Wire Basket – Use Options

While you can normally hang a wire basket with its perpendicular sides up, you will have to hang one with its bottom facing the wall if its sides are slightly angled. But these baskets work fine and offer sufficient storage area regardless of which manner you mount them to your bathroom walls in!

Use old calendars or pictures to decorate the back of your basket for a better look. You can use this smart storage space to place everything from your creams, lotions, soaps and skincare products. The free space on the top of your basket can be utilized to keep stacked towels. You can even place a wooden or plastic tray on the basket top to keep cotton rolls, scissors and shaving kit.

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