6 Kitchen Countertops From Cheap to High Class


From everlasting steel to colorful granite, there are varieties of options as per your desire to give your kitchen a traditional or rich look.

Here is a list of six types of countertops that can be used in the kitchen starting from the lowest price to the highest.

  • Affordable Laminated Kitchen Counters

This is one of the cheapest possibilities for kitchen countertops. It costs from $8-$20 per square foot. Although it is not much durable but still it is a popular for its low cost and high affordability.

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  • Everlasting Stainless Steel Countertops

Steel has always been the king. It is one of the affordable, durable and compatible ways to beautify kitchen. It ranges from $30-$65 to the maximum $90 with installation. It is rust free, stain free and doesn’t corrode easily. Although it is vulnerable to scratches but that is the last thing that can happen to it.

2.	Everlasting Stainless Steel Countertops

  • Elegant Granite Countertops 

Granite countertops have been widely used in the kitchen since they have an elegance of their own. Further they are available in so many colors and designs that make them popular again. Granite kitchen tops can be kept away from scratches for a longer time and also they are resistant to heat.

They are attractive and can even give a simple kitchen a great look. They are generally in the range from $50-$80 per square foot.

3.	Elegant Granite countertops

  • Sophisticated Marble Countertops

They are easy to clean and are heat resistant. Marble gives a sophisticated look to the kitchen. But marble is the best choice in case you have white kitchen on your mind. They can range from $70-$ 100 per square foot and even may cost till $150 including installation.

But definitely they scratch more easily than granite.

4.	Sophisticated Marble countertops

  • Exclusive Recycled Glass  and Cement Kitchen Top

Although an expensive one but still it is a perfect combination of glass and cement to glorify your kitchen.  Moreover it is eco-friendly and durable choice for kitchen remodeling

Glass and cement have a longer life and they are resistant to scratches and heat even.

They range from $100-$160 per square foot.

5.	Exclusive Recycled Glass  and Cement Kitchen Top

  • Classy Enameled Kitchen Countertops

Beyond the granite and marble there are more options to give your kitchen a real high-class look. One of the palettes is enameled lava which is one of the most expensive possibilities for kitchen countertops.

It has that glossy shine and a posh appearance and would turn on your mood to cook. Its stone range starts from $50-$100 and can jump up to $370 per square foot.

6.	Classy Enameled Kitchen Countertops

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