Mia, NY

We were relocated from a rented apartment to our own home 2 weeks ago and you guys were of great help, really! Dozens of shelves, 2 queen beds, 1 king size bed set and dining table – all that needed to be assembled all over again and your furniture assembly guys did all of it really well. Thanks!! 

LISA, Angel, New York, NY

Great prices I must say. There was a time I used to do all repairs on my own. I was young then and it’s been almost 1 decade I’ve just replied upon handymen professionals for repairs in kitchen, bathroom, garage, roof and everywhere else. You guys have so far charged me the most reasonable price. God bless! 

MARIA, Bronx, NY

A big thank you for garage repairs! The door, shelves and everything else was a pain but I really liked the classy look. Thank God your carpenters fixed all broken portions without killing the classy appeal it had. 


We moved to a new apartment 4 weeks ago. The family that lived here probably had no kids. So, we had to make several furniture adjustments here and there. But, we couldn’t wait a week or two for that. I was prepared to pay a bit extra but wanted top quality work. I got a reasonable quote from these guys and all wood work was completed in just 2 days. Cheers. 

Michael, New York

Plumbing leak was fixed on a SUNDAY. Yeah, I had to a bit extra but these guys at least showed up on time and fixed the leaky faucet that didn’t let me sleep all night long the previous day! Thanks. And by the way, I also got a free bathroom inspection done. The plumbers who came over to my house were really friendly!