How to Choose the Right Front Door for Your Home

Your front door is the heart of your home. It is one of the first things people notice when they look at your home. Besides, it stands for your home’s style and personality. Simply put, it is the first impression of your home. No matter how big or small the door is it can leave a lasting impression on people. Handyman in NYC has a solution for you.

Choosing the right front door is an efficient way to improve the appearance of your house, and can be a great investment into the value of the home.

Here are some important things to consider while remodeling or replacing your front door.


First of all, choose the door that relates well with the rest of the exterior as well as your home’s style. For example, the wood stained door is a great counterbalance to the white painted brick as it adds charm and warmth.

Whether you choose a door that has partial glass, sidelights, glass or no glass at all depends on the style you are looking for and the appearance of the rest of the home. Simply put, the front door should “architecturally” fit with the rest of your home or you can take help from a handyman in NYC.


Front doors are available in a variety of materials and each material serves a different purpose. For example, a steel door is the most durable and robust, thereby ensuring optimum security. Plus, they are also counted among the least expensive door types. The only downside is that they have a short lifespan. Plain metal doors might last for 5 to 7 years in wet and saltwater climates. If security is your topmost priority, considering a steel door can be the right option for you.

Vinyl doors are also a popular option and can last around 20 years. Although they are generally affordable, they are less secure than wood or steel doors.

Wooden doors unleash rusting vibes as well as make your home look expensive and luxurious. From hollow, solid, and solid core, there is a wide range of wooden doors to choose from.

Hollow wooden doors are affordable and can last 20-30 years.

Solid core doors are filled with a wood composite material and come with a life expectancy of 30 to 100 years.

Solid wood doors can last for over 100 years. Plus, they are robust and hard to break, making them an efficient security option. If you need help you can call a handyman in  NYC.

You can also go for a fiberglass door that can be costlier than vinyl or steel. They can last for over 100 years just like their wood counterparts. Cheaper fiberglass doors might crack easily. Solid fiberglass doors are more expensive but are more secure.


If you want the door to let in some natural light, go for a door that comes with an inset window. Or you can look for the doors with sidelights windows that are attached to either side of the door, letting in more light.

Glass windows can be damaged, triggering security concerns. If security is your topmost priority but still prefer a front door with a window, buy a door where the window is placed above the doorknob. This way, it would be more challenging for a potential burglar to open the door from the outside by damaging the window.

Consider the Dimensions and Handedness of Your New Door:

Make sure to measure the dimensions of your existing door if you are looking to replace your old front door. You also like to know if you want your new door to swing open to the right or left.

This is termed as the handedness of a door. Left-handed doors are fixed to the left side of the door jamb, while right-handed doors are fixed to the right side of the jamb. Therefore, make sure to prefer the one that has the same handedness as your old door. However, if your existing door blocked traffic within the house or hit against the wall when it was open, you might opt for a new door that opens on the other side.

Online or In-Store Purchase?

You can shop your new front door offline or at the store. With online shopping, you can choose from a variety of right front doors in many styles. Many eCommerce websites let you buy directly from stores and warehouses. If you buy a door in a store, you can see, touch, and feel the products. Besides, there will be store employees to guide you through the door purchasing process. Buying your new door at the store is a great way to see the finish, texture, and durability of your new door before you buy it. You can also take advantage of a handyman in NYC.


While the front door options are diverse, it is important to be well aware of the cost as well as the maintenance expenditures. Door pricing is generally determined by the design and material selection. Wood doors are the most expensive, followed by fiberglass and steel.

Doors can be extremely equipped with hinges, handles, transoms, sidelights, and textures, adding to their overall price. For instance, a wood door with custom hinges and glass can often cost more than $4000. The price can easily hit the $20,000 mark if you add in the cost of side and patio doors. On top of that, you need to consider the long-term cost of maintaining your front door. For example, wood doors are expensive, but they hold the pain well. Steel doors, on the other hand, are prone to denting.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is another factor you can consider. Old doors can impact your overall heating bills when the weather gets cold. If your door is not energy efficient, cold air can let in even when the door is closed tightly. A single, thin paned glass door can let in the cold breeze, while a hollow wooden door can be a concern in a snowy area. Therefore, investing in energy-efficient doors can help you lower your heating cost in the long run. Glass or wood are generally not counted among good insulators, meaning that they lose heat much faster than other doors.

If you are living in snowy areas, prefer a thick insulated door that offers more energy efficient than regular doors. Even if you face any problem you can schedule a meeting with a handyman in NYC.

Therefore, make sure that your new front door doesn’t hurt your budget.

So you must have understood how to choose the right front door for your home.

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