Your Guide to Hiring Handyman Services for AC Installation


Summers are in full swing and it might be a good idea to hire the best handyman services for AC installation in your home or office premises. Take note that not only energy-efficient air conditioners but safe and proper installation can also save you from 20 to 50% on your annual cooling costs. 

Having said that, AC installation/ maintenance is still among the most overlooked domestic chores, only about 40% of households hire the best handyman in NYC to install an AC, and not so surprisingly their air conditioners end up lasting 40 percent longer. 

Hiring only the best handyman in Manhattan will help you keep it in running condition for a longer period. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of hiring expert handyman services for your AC unit-


Prime condition of your AC comes with regular maintenance and proper installation. Pristine condition is only possible by hiring a reliable handyman in NYC.

Higher resale value

Appliances like ACs lose their resale value solely because of their condition. Only a well-maintained AC can get you a good resale value. Therefore, it is advised to always get your AC serviced in time, regularly if you wish to have a great resale price. 

Less repair cost

If your AC is regularly serviced and maintained by a professional handyman in Manhattan you are avoiding major repair-related expenses or an absolute breakdown of the appliance. This could also lead to severe structural damages in your home. Regular maintenance assures a working AC unit for a longer period. This aids in smooth operation and reasonable power consumption of the AC unit. 

Environmental Damages

Your AC unit must be properly cleaned and serviced regularly if you live close to large water bodies. Rusting is a common problem if you do not regularly maintain your AC unit as salt is present in the wind in such areas. This would eventually cause damage to the internal parts of an AC unit. So, it becomes all the more necessary if you live in areas where AC units are susceptible to damages through natural agents. 


It’s no surprise to any AC unit owner that the more you get it serviced, the better is its quality and machinery. This includes cooling efficiency and stabilized performance. The lesser you invest in proper service, the more the power consumption and damage risks in the long run. It could also clog the condenser which could bring about structural damages. Keep your AC unit cleaned and serviced by the best handyman services, regardless of its usage. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of getting your AC unit from the best handyman in NYC.

Take a look at some key factors to consider while choosing the right handyman services for your AC repair, maintenance, and installation.

Certification & License

While an efficient handyman is always recommended, he or she is bound to lose her professional credibility if they aren’t licensed or certified to carry out the work. It would be best to check if they are HVAC System Performance Certified technicians or not. You should not settle for anyone who has mere experience in the field, these certifications and licenses are specifically ordained for you to get the best service for your home and office. Remember, only the best handyman services can provide documents and verifications as proof of their expertise. 

Affiliations & Recommendations

Another important factor that you must consider while looking for a handyman in NYC is to check whether they have an A rating or operating in association with a registered business. This tells a lot about the reputation of the handyman services. A great way to check their recommendations and reviews is by searching them on online platforms like Yelp or Google My Business, and social media platforms, etc. 


Another great way to check the competency of the company is by assessing them on this basis. If they provide insurance cover for their employees, it only assures you of their credibility and efficiency. It is important as you or your firm will not be liable for any kind of mishap during their service. Always ask for active insurance coverage proof and keep a copy with you. 

Company guidelines & policies

After you have run the assessment on the aforementioned factors, you must read their policies before hiring them. It is always good to be aware of the company guidelines before choosing them. AC repair and servicing is not a one-time chore and you would be requiring them often. Therefore, it would be best to stay updated on company policies and the guarantee period they offer. 


The chances of immediate or same-day servicing are rare, especially if they are experienced. Therefore, it is important to check with the company about their availability and schedule your services in advance. Although the best handyman in Manhattan provides 24/7 handyman services it would be best to schedule the service in advance as the summer season is considered to be a peak time. 

In conclusion, take note of the tips mentioned above to hire only the best handyman in Manhattan this summer. 

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