Your Guide to booking Handyman Services During Pandemic


There are certain service calls that cannot be ignored and require our instant reaction. There may be instances where the geyser stops working, the central heating system becomes ineffective or the kitchen sink starts splashing water it becomes mandatory to take the services of a handyman. Despite a lockdown in New York and strict protocols being adhered to the handyman service in Manhattan cannot be avoided to ensure that life functions smoothly. Ensuring safety for everyone should be the first call before making it to the handyman.

Taking the services of a handyman during the pandemic is not an easy task, there are certain protocols that need to be followed while calling a handyman home. The first step when you call a handyman at home is to make sure you check their ID card to ensure authenticity. It is also important to make sure that he has thoroughly sanitized himself and his equipment as well. There may also be a risk of the handyman being infected with the virus and may spread it to those he comes in contact with. There is no doubt that there are a lot of risks involved and the handyman must only be called if it is absolutely necessary.

Following the CDC guidelines when hiring a handyman in NYC is very important to avoid spreading the virus. Some of the guidelines are wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using a sanitizer whenever and wherever necessary. This is applicable both outside and inside the house.

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Below are some of the strategies that can work as a guiding tool for you when you hire a handyman. Let’s divide these strategies into three phases of before, during, and after the visit.

Before hiring a handyman in NYC

  • Before hiring a handyman, you should be aware of any orders being passed with respect to staying at home and whether any restrictions have been imposed on non-essential movements. If there are, ensure that your request falls under essentials. If not, wait for the restrictions to be removed.
  • Ensuring safety for yourself and others around you should be your utmost priority. Make sure no one in the house or in the vicinity is neither infected nor has any symptoms related to covid 19. Also making sure that they have not been in contact with any person who has been a victim.
  • If there is any member of your family who is a high-risk individual, either due to age or any ailment would either be moved to another section of the house or if possible, not be in the house when the handyman is scheduled to arrive.
  • It is advisable to ensure asking all the relative questions concerning the safety measures and all covid protocols are discussed before hiring services of a handyman. Also, share all the requirements and details with the handyman before the scheduled visit to minimize time and travel. This includes pictures, sizes, tools, and any other specifications.
  • Make a prior note of the movement strategy of the handyman deciding the route and a place for tools needed. Ensure to remove all the unnecessary furniture and other things from the route the handyman will be following to minimize contact. This reduces the risk of germs being spread.
  • Before the handyman arrives, it is essential to keep a separate soap, towel, cleaning material, spare gloves, masks, and newspapers.

During ongoing Handyman services

  • The first thing before the handyman enters the house is to check his temperature using the non-touch thermometer, spray him and his equipment with the sanitizer and ask him to wash his hands.
  • In case you get a warning sign of any covid 19 symptoms or he seems unwell ask him to postpone his visit and come back when he feels fine. Make sure you raise this concern with the handyman service company or agency. Ensure that the handyman, your family and you are wearing the masks properly throughout the service and also maintain a distance of 6 feet from the handyman or are in a different room.
  • It is important to converse less inside the house and avoid shaking hands with the handyman. Also, ensure that you maintain a safe distance.

Post completion of handyman services

  • After the handyman has completed his work, ensure that payment is touchless. If you wish to pay by cash or a cheque, make sure that you give it in a sealed envelope and leave it on the table. If you use a card, ensure sanitizing the card after its use.
  • Make sure that after the service and payment are complete, you sanitize your hands and offer a sanitizer to the handyman for safety.
  • After the handyman leaves, make sure that you sanitize the room including the doorknobs and other necessary places.
  • Make sure you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after all the cleaning is done.

We are not sure when the pandemic will finally be over and therefore it is important to keep yourself and others safe. There are certain services which cannot be ignored during the covid situation and we are not trained to do them by ourselves, so hiring the best handyman in Manhattan becomes crucial.

Taking things lightly can pose a threat to your health while exposing you to the virus and can have dire consequences on your family, handyman and his people, and you.

So, ensure following the above guidelines for a safe and secure handyman service during the pandemic.

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