Top 5 Kitchen Makeovers to fit in your Pocket!


Do you think your kitchen lacks something or leafing through any interior decoration magazines, you start yearning for those glossy designs pictured in it? If yes, then it’s high time to go for a kitchen makeover. Now, the next concern is the budget. Not a problem. Read on the simple and affordable ways to enter into the all new kitchen space.

Forming a special part of your home, kitchen is the most frequently visited space. Day after day, looking at the same shades, cabinets, sinks and other appliances, make your working space appear dull and timeworn. Gradually, your interest in cooking starts reducing, isn’t it? But, you don’t need to worry. You can easily transform your kitchen to an exclusive and attractive one. And, if you are think that it would be a costly expense, then you are quite wrong. Yes, as now it is possible to get a makeover done without emptying your wallet.


The-Dream-Kitchens-for-Your-Custom-Kitchen-CabinetriesIt is the most ideal way to start with your kitchen makeover. Painting the kitchen cabinetries in all new colors offer a fresh and chic look. So, you need not invest a heavy amount on replacing the cabinetries, as it will take just a fraction of the same cost for painting purpose. While it is easy to do yourself, but if you fear of paint job, you can consider consulting professional help.


lowes-faucet-kitchen-1024x768Your sink plays a vital role in your kitchen. While you plan for a makeover, consider changing the faucet to the latest model. This will surely change the entire appearance of the sink and you will be saved from the heavy costs of replacing a new sink. Nowadays, there are a number of elegant faucet designs available and you can easily choose the best one to recreate the entire look.


AppliancesA kitchen is incomplete without several necessary appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. These appliances start appearing dull due to regular usage and lack of proper care. But, they are generally found in good condition and capable of doing well with just little rejuvenation.  So, you don’t need to replace them. Buying new products will ruin your pockets. You can get them refaced; a repaint and voila is sufficient to bring back their sheen.

A Personal Touch

Personal TouchWhat about adding something creative, personal and funny to your kitchen, isn’t it great! A funny picture, some cooking tips, creative curtains, and much more will bring forth a dramatic change to your kitchen. For doing this, you don’t need to spend a lot, as these things can be created at home or purchased at a minimum amount.



How can you miss the floors?

The flooring say a lot about your love for the kitchen space. You can try out some refinishing on the existing flooring’s to create a new look. If you have those traditional stone floors, polishing them can bring a new shine. For the other sound type floors, a coat or covering with linoleum will work well. Also, you can stain it with different colors or just add borders.

These five solutions are really effective in transforming your kitchen, that too without spending much.  Give them a try today!

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