Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid With Exterior Painting!


Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid With Exterior Painting!

When it is about maintaining the look of your home, exterior painting is often considered as the most vital part. Being a homeowner if you have planned to move on with painting the exterior of your home, it is important that you learn about the mistakes other have been doing and avoid them.  Here are few of them, checkout:

Sufficient Time To Prepare:

It is important to understand the need of proper time to plan and prepare accordingly. When you are done with selecting the type of paint, color, etc. on your home, now make a schedule when you will clean it, when will be the caulking scheduled, and so on.  Don’t repeat the mistake of not spending enough time on preparation.

Caulk The Cracks:

With the passage of time, your walls become prone to cracks and holes. Hence, before you start with the painting project, make sure you apply a coat of a good grade silicone caulk. To carry the process professionally, follow the process:

  • With the help of the tip of a triangle scraper pull out any old caulk.
  • Now run a thin bead of caulk. Using your finger you can smooth it out. You can also use water if needed.

Remember, the biggest mistake done by the homemakers is not to caulk the cracks, don’t you miss out this one.

Paint The Cleaned Surface:

Is the surface you are about to paint clean? If not, then just like other householders you are also making the same mistake painting over the dirty surface. Hence, it is advised to get it cleaned. You can use a power washer that come with detergent, and then rinse it off carefully. Also, when about to start with power washing, make sure to remove the storm windows and screens.

Choosing The Right Paint:

If it is about the one common mistake, then maximum times, it would be wrong paint selection while painting the exterior of your house. You need to be very careful, especially when it is about repainting. For example, if the existing paint is oil-based, it is must to use oil-based paint, but if you have latex or water-based paint, to repaint it perfectly you need latex paint. Simple, using the wrong type results in catastrophic paint failure.

 Thus, now when you are aware of the major mistakes, take care and paint it well!

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